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Irish music covers a broad range of musical styles.

There are Irish pub songs with familiar names like the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem; songs of rebellion and national pride; traditional ballads and Celtic dance music including Irish jigs and reels.

Some of the most popular Irish songs have endured for over a century, written mostly by American songwriters for an expatriate audience far from home. Today, they're still heard in pubs and bars, St. Patricks' Day parties, TV commercials, and Irish movie soundtracks to help conjure up a wistful longing for the Old Sod.

Then there is the modern brand of Irish musician like U2, the Cranberries, Sinead O'Connor and other pop, rock and alternative groups.

The Irish music scene is alive and thriving. Whether you prefer haunting Celtic tunes sung in Gaelic, the foot tapping beats of traditional Irish dance music, rousing drinking songs or the rockers of today, you'll find a match for your tastes in the music of the Irish...

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Ireland First - Irish Music Midi Files
- Hundreds of popular songs, ditties, ballads and jigs in easy to download audio files in midi format. Click on the top page link for hundreds more pages of Irish song lyrics.

Ceolas - "The home of Celtic music on the net." An amazing collection of links to everything related to Irish music... from the instruments and musicians to sites with hundreds of traditional tunes in different formats available for download. Many of the sites that provide downloads find themselves homeless because of the bandwidth usage, but most of these are good links...

Live - Live streaming audio - Brought to you live from Dublin, you have the choice of streaming audio traditional Irish and Celtic music or more contemporary groups. Good quality sound and plenty of music...

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