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American Girl Place

American Girl Place
© American Girl Place

What James says:
I am going to let my little sister tell you about this adventure because it was really not "my cup of tea".
- James -

What Lilly says: This weekend we went to the American Girl Place. It is huge, there are four floors. We went shopping, had lunch, and saw a show, all in the same building. Pretty cool, huh?

Lunch was very good, I even ate my veggies. First they served warm cinnamon buns, and then we had fruit kabobs, pineapple flowers with celery; mini pretzel rolls, and cucumbers and carrots with ranch dip. Then I had chicken fingers with yummy macaroni and cheese and some melon. I had pink lemonade, in a fancy glass.

Dessert was the best! For dessert I had a flower, sugar cookie, a little heart shaped cake and chocolate-mousse that came in a flowerpot, it even had a little, cloth flower in it. My napkin ring was a pink daisy on a rubber band, so I can use it as a hair clip. The very best part was that there was a little high chair seat for my doll Emily. She even had her own plate and tea cup.

American Girl Place

"It is like going to the museum of
cool doll stuff. We had a great day ..."


After lunch, we went shopping. I had no idea that there were so many American Girl Dolls. They can have pets, too. There were so many outfits and things that you could buy for your doll, or for you and your doll. There are matching outfits, so you can dress like your doll. Then you can get books and movies about your doll's adventures.

If you wanted to you could have pictures taken at the photo studio, or get your hair and your doll's hair done in the salon.

If you like American Girl Dolls or even if you don't, this place is really fun to go to and look around. It is like going to the museum of cool doll stuff, and the food is really good too. We had a great day.

What Mom Says: I could really see the delight in my daughter's eyes as she entered into this magical world of dolls. It was like walking into a dream world. The lights, the music, the colors and textures, the displays, even the smells, drew you into this amazing toy land. It was a real experience, and like Lilly said," it is like a museum of cool doll stuff". I like the fact that many of the doll's stories are drawn from history. The historical characters each relate to a certain time periods in history. The books and stories that accompany the dolls depict factual events and tidbits of history that later on will emerge in your daughter's social studies or history class. It is always good when the learning experience is incorporated into the fun.

American Girl Place Bitty Baby

I could really see the delight in my
daughter's eyes as she entered into
this magical world of dolls ..."

In addition to the Historical characters they have the Just like You series. With these dolls you get to pick and choose hair, skin, and eye color. This makes it possible to match your doll's looks to yours a bit more. Having one of these "popular dolls" and having it look just like you is a great self esteem booster. Every year, a new character is introduced that explores one girl's story of what it means to be an American girl.

The American Girl of the Year doll celebrates real American girls as people who can make a difference. Each of the American Girl Dolls has their own line of accessories, outfits and animal friends. For the younger set, or those who prefer baby dolls to girl dolls they have the Bitty Babies and the Bitty Twins. They are adorable, physically smaller, dolls with happy, little, baby faces.

This line also has the full shebang of accessories available. From high chairs to bibs and strollers and even pets, you name it, if you are looking for it they probably have it.

The rest of our day was really quite nice. Our experience dining at the American Girl Café was pleasantly surprising. Honestly, I figured, "Well they got us here, so the food will be marginal at best.". That was not the case at all. Our food was very tasty and plentiful, the service was friendly and the presentation was lovely, really perfect for the experience. The little extras were what had the greatest impact.

We had lunch but you also have the options of brunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. This was by no means an inexpensive outing, but you can go for the day, visit the cool doll stuff and do lunch or afternoon tea, without it draining the wallet too much. By the way, you can borrow an American Girl Doll at the store to accompany you at the table while you dine.

They also offer special packages for birthdays and shopping outings as well as special events, We went for the experience and the memory that it made. My daughter made an album of the day and shows it off whenever possible. Our mission was accomplished.

American Girl Place New York, 609 Fifth Avenue at 49th Street, New York, NY 10017, 1-877-247-5223, Directions, Hours: open 7 days a week, Hours are: Sun: 9a.m. - 7p.m., Mon - Thurs: 10a.m. - 7p.m., Fri: 10a.m. - 9p.m., Sat: 9a.m. - 9p.m.

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About the authors: James is the oldest of 4 kids. Lilly, his sister, is our very own American Girl Place reporter. Mom is their Mother, a children's writer, educator & photographer. They live in New York with their Dad and pet dogs, cats, geckos, and turtles.


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