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Back to School Checklist
Tips to help get ready for the big day

ChecklistWith the first day of school drawing near, parents and children across the country are getting set for their return. Focused on ensuring parents and kids have everything they need for school, the following checklist will help families get ready for the big day:

Check with the school to ensure all registration requirements have been taken care of and ensure that the school has contact numbers for school closings or other emergencies.

Determine how your child will be getting to school and then plan the safest route possible by choosing the most direct way with intersections that have crossing guards.

Walking or riding to school is an excellent way to fit physical activity into your child's day. If your child is riding his/her bike, always keep bike safety in mind. Ensure the bike is in good working condition, that their helmet fits properly and the bike has a bell.

backpack filled with school suppliesTo help ensure your little ones have everything they need, contact the school to see if it has a supply checklist. Some of the basic items most students need include: notebooks or paper, pens, pencils, pencil crayons, ruler, eraser, glue stick, pencil case and backpack.

Allowing kids to choose their own school supplies will help create excitement about heading back to school. Whether it's notebooks, binders or lunch bags, there are school supplies featuring popular cartoon & TV characters are sure to be a hit with kids.

A healthy lunch and snacks will help ensure kids have the energy they need to get through the day. By choosing a cooler lunch bag and using plastic storage containers, you can help ensure food stays fresh. Bottled water and juices are a great way to keep kids hydrated. For a refreshing treat, freeze water bottles or juice boxes overnight.

Don't forget homework. Check with your child everyday to see if any work was sent home. Buying a ready-to-assemble desk, desk lamp and desk organizer is a simple and affordable way to create a student's very own workspace away from the distraction of television and video games.

Source... News Canada

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