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After School Activities Made Easy
Fall is a great time to encourage kids in sports

With many kids heading back to school and local sports teams getting set to start another season, Fall is a great time to encourage kids to get active.

Many activities occur during or right after school hours so the sporting goods team at Canadian Tire prepared the following tips for busy parents who want to make physical activity a part of their children's lives.

Be prepared

• Keep a copy of the schedule on the refrigerator with game times and locations highlighted.

• Packing at the last minute can mean forgotten items, so be sure to get children's backpacks ready the night before the big game or practice.

• Backpacks with extra side pockets are ideal for keeping soiled shoes and wet water bottles separate from dry clothes and schoolbooks. Choose a trendy backpack with their favorite character like Batman or Barbie so kids won't want to leave it behind.

• Game during or after school? Freeze water bottles the night before so beverages stay cool and don't forget to pack extra snacks to keep kids energized.

• Weather can change over the course of the day so be sure to pack a lightweight, weatherproof jacket, extra socks and a towel.

Get equipped

• Obtain a list of required items at time of registration and head to a sports equipment store that has everything from cleats and skates to hockey equipment and baseball gear. Don't forget the basics, like a quality pair of jeans and a good pair of sneakers or running shoes.

• Protective gear like shin pads, elbow pads or mouth guards are a must for many sports so keep that in mind when outfitting your child.

• Don't forget a pump to help keep soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, and volleyballs inflated.

• Teach children the importance of taking care of their equipment. After each game have your child wipe off cleats, empty and reorganize backpacks and put the equipment away in its proper place.

Source: News Canada

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