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Watch for the 2022 edition of the Tour de France to kick into high gear on Friday, July 1 as world-class bikers embark on the road to glory this year in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This year, the world's most bicycle-friendly city sets the scene for the first three stages before heading south into France for the big finish at the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Sunday, July 24, 2022.

With a traditional 21 stages over 3,600 kilometers (2,237 miles), stages can range from pleasantly flat to treacherously steep and mountainous, including an infamous muscle-burning climb through Mont Ventoux.

Coming off the mountain also puts cyclists' descending skills to the test-- so be sure to watch for spills and chills (and dust flying) as the brakes are applied on the way down!

140608 Mont-Ventoux-04
The amazing (bike) race: The infamous muscle-burning climb up Mount Ventoux.

2022 Tour de France on TV

In the U.S. streaming service NBC Peacock and the USA Network are the official broadcasters throughout the race with additional television coverage from 'mothership' network NBC..

FloSports will provide a live streaming in Canada.

Across the pond, ITV4 usually airs live coverage in the UK from every stage of the tour.

Elsewhere in Europe, Eurosport covers the race from start to finish, while in Australia live coverage and next-day highlights are regularly featured on SBS.

Just up ahead, check out the official schedule of the 2022 Tour de France dates, stages, and routes -- along with the complete times for streaming and TV channels -- promising complete, stage-by-stage coverage throughout July. All times Eastern.



Stream | TV / Time (ET)

Fri., July 1

Stage 1: Copenhagen

Peacock 6 a.m. | USA 9:30 a.m.

Sat., July 2

Stage 2: Roskilde-Nyborg

Peacock 6 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Stage 2: Roskilde-Nyborg

NBC 1 p.m. (delayed broadcast)

Sun., July 3

Stage 3: Vejle-Sønderborg

Peacock 6:30 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Tue., July 5

Stage 4: Dunkirk-Calais

Peacock 7 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Wed., July 6

Stage 5: Lille-Arenberg

Peacock 7 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Thu., July 7

Stage 6: Binche-Longwy

Peacock 6 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Fri., July 8

Stage 7: Tomblaine-Planche des Belles Filles

Peacock 6:30 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Sat., July 9

Stage 8: Dole-Lausanne

Peacock 6:30 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Sun., July 10

Stage 9: Aigle-Châtel

Peacock 6 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Tue., July 12

Stage 10: Morzine-Megève

Peacock 7 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Wed., July 13

Stage 11: Albertville-Col du Granon

Peacock 6 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Thu., July 14

Stage 12: Briançon-Alpe d’Huez

Peacock 6:30 a.m.

Stage 12: Briançon-Alpe d’Huez

USA 3 p.m. (delayed broadcast)

Fri., July 15

Stage 13: Le Bourg-d’Oisans-Saint-Étienne

Peacock 6:30 a.m.

Stage 13: Le Bourg-d’Oisans-Saint-Étienne

USA 3 p.m. (delayed broadcast)

Sat., July 16

Stage 14: Saint-Étienne-Mende

Peacock 6 a.m.| USA 8 a.m.

Sun., July 17

Stage 15: Rodez-Carcassonne

Peacock 6:30 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Tue., July 19

Stage 16: Carcassonne-Foix

Peacock 6 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Wed., July 20

Stage 17: Saint-Gaudens-Peyragudes

Peacock 7 a.m.| USA 8 a.m.

Thu., July 21

Stage 18: Lourdes-Hautacam

Peacock 7 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Fri., July 22

Stage 19: Castelnau-Magnoac-Cahors

Peacock 7 a.m. | USA 8 a.m.

Sat., July 23

Stage 20: Lacapelle-Marival-Rocamadour

Peacock 6:30 a.m. | NBC 8 a.m.

Sun., July 24

Stage 21: Paris La Défense Arena to Paris

Peacock | USA 10 a.m. 

Stage 21: Paris La Défense Arena to Paris

NBC 2 p.m.(delayed broadcast)

All about the Tour de France

first tour de france winner
Maurice Garin was the winner
in the first race held in 1903.

The first Tour de France was arranged by French newspaperman Henri Desgrange as a publicity stunt for his paper, L'Auto in 1903. The race featured 60 riders covering more than a 1,000 miles. that proved highly popular among spectators along the route .The race was also a huge success for L'Auto whose circulation rose from 25,000 to 65,000 that year.

Except for two World Wars, the Tour de France has been held almost every year since.

While spectacular scandals have rocked the race of late, the Tour de France has been no stranger to poor sportsmanship over the years. In fact, during the early days rampant cheating was common, along with sporadic rioting among spectators who often favored one rider over another.

Today, almost 200 riders make up the 22 teams that participate in the world's biggest annual sporting event covering some 2,000 miles. Throughout the race's 21 stages, the strongest rider is protected by other members of the team through stretches of terrain that vary greatly from flat, to hilly, to extremely steep and mountainous.

Tour de France jerseys
Color-coded jerseys signify top racers during the Tour de France, including white for a young emerging star,
red polka dot for the best uphill biker, green for the fastest sprinter, and yellow for the overall leader.

Along the way, riders are rewarded with color-coded jerseys with special significance. The green jersey signifies who's the fastest sprinter. The white jersey goes to the youngest biker, usually an emerging star under 25. The red-and-white polka dot jersey is awarded to the "King of the Mountain" or best uphill climber.

Near the end of the race, the overall leader gets to wear the coveted yellow jersey and to ultimately claim victory -- and the €450,000 euro prize money -- as he crosses the finish line in Paris.

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Tour de France 2022 virtual tour

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