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Monaco Grand PrixThe checkered flag drops on another exciting Monaco Grand Prix beginning Thursday, May 25 through Sunday, May 28, 2017.

Featuring a gritty street course through the narrow and winding streets of Monte Carlo, the Monaco Grand Prix provides the most challenging race in the annual Formula 1 circuit.

Traditionally, the race starts at noon local time. For fans around the world, televised coverage of the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix race can be seen in the UK on the BBC beginning at 11AM, in the US on NBC starting at 7:30AM ET, and on TSN in Canada.

The streets themselves become Monaco Grand Prix's major attraction, thrilling spectators with an up-close view of screaming engines as racers take the twisting 78-lap circuit for all it's worth.

The first Monaco Grand Prix was held on April 14, 1929. Since then, average race speeds have risen from 50 miles (80 kilometers) per hour to almost 90 (142 kilometers) per hour.

Of course -- this being the Monaco Grand Prix -- race fans can still expect to rub shoulders with politicians, the rich and famous, and other celebrities who gather to see and be seen at one of the world's most glamorous and prestigious races!

DID YOU KNOW? Monaco Grand Prix fun facts

hairpin turn at Monaco
The infamous hairpin turn outside the Fairmont
Hotel along the Monaco Grand Prix circuit.

• The Monaco circuit is the shortest Grand Prix track on the calendar. It's also the most tight and twisty which means drivers must change gear an extraordinary 54 times per lap, or more than 4,200 changes over the course of the race. Just 42 percent of the lap is spent at full throttle.

• What's it take to turn the streets of Monaco into a race circuit? Try 33 kilometres (20.5 miles) of safety rails, 20,000 square meters of wire catch fencing, 3,600 tires for tire barriers and 1,000 tons of grandstand seating for spectators! It takes six weeks to set up the circuit and three weeks to disassemble it.

• The legendary Ayrton Senna leads the pack with most wins at Monaco, followed by Michael Schumacher and Graham Hill both with five wins, Alain Prost with four, and Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart with three.

• The Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans are considered the Triple Crown of racing, but only one driver has ever won all three - Graham Hill.

• Late to Monaco? Although hotels are booked solid in advance of the Monaco Grand Prix, last minute reservations can still be had - for a king's ransom. Last minute hotel rooms and race tickets for the entire weekend will set you back about US$10,000.

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