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Top Ten Easy Father's Day Gift / Craft Ideas

1. You know your Dad is the best. Make a Father's Day award with cardboard and construction paper to give to dad. The cardboard should be the same size as the construction paper. You can buy some at a craft store or find a cardboard box that's the right size. If you can't find the right size box, get a grownup to help you cut a piece from a bigger box. You can add a few gold stars and use felt tip markers or crayons to write "Best Dad Award" on the construction paper. Then glue the construction paper to the cardboard and give it to dad on Father's Day morning!

Father's Day email2. Give Dad an special email. In the subject line type: "Best Dad in the Whole Wide World." What you put in the message is special...from you for your Dad.

3. Make a special place mat for Father's Day. Take a piece of plain material and cut it to about the size of a big cereal box. Write: "For the Best Dad" with felt tip markers and put it under his plate as a special surprise.

Father's Day cake4. Get a grownup's help to bake a cake, or have mom get your dad's favorite cake at the grocery store and cut it in the shape of a tie. Top it with Dad's favorite frosting and decorate it with gummy bears, jellybeans or licorice sticks so it looks like a real tie. He'll say it's the best Father's Day tie ever!

Father's Day poster5. Ask a grownup to scan photos of you and your Dad doing things together and print them out. Paste them to a poster board. Use felt tip markers or crayons to write out the headline: "Why I love Dad." If you don't have any pictures or a scanner, you can draw some! Your pictures might be of you taking a walk or fishing with your Dad or maybe your favorite times with your Dad are when he reads to you or says prayers with you!

6. Make a memory book for dad. Do the same thing as for the big poster board card. Ask a grownup to scan photos of you and your Dad doing things together and print them out. Use plain white paper and fold it in half. Paste all of the pictures on the paper and get a grownup to staple the pages in the middle where they are folded. Remember that if you can't get pictured scanned or don't have any pictures of the best times you have with your father, you can draw the pictures instead.

Father's Day Cap7. Make Dad feel special with a Father's Day baseball cap. Use felt tip markers to write or draw on the hat. Good suggestions: "My Dad is # 1" or "World's Best Dad!"

8. Make a Father's Day shirt for dad to match his cap. Take on of his undershirts - make sure it's clean! - and write or draw on it. You can say the same things as on the hat, or other think of some other special things to say.

Father's Day IOU9. Give Dad a Father's Day 'Gift Certificate' or an I.O.U. made from colored construction paper. Good suggestions: "I promise to ... Wash the Car next Saturday......Mow the Lawn tomorrow." Don't promise impossible things like never to fight with your brothers or sisters... or always to do what you are told without asking why. If you make it a promise that you will be able to keep it will be a very special gift.

10. Give your father the best gift of all. You won't need any pens or paper for this one... the first thing on Father's Day morning, give Dad a big smushy Father's Day hug before breakfast and tell him how great he is! He might not show it, because sometimes Dads don't make a big deal about how they feel, but he will be smiling inside.


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