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Olympic rings

How to Host a Great Rio Summer Olympics Theme Party

Ingredients for a great Brazilian themed Olympics celebration?

Head for the backyard for a Brazilian steak and sausage barbecue or have a formal sitdown -- starring Brazilian shrimp stew (yum!). Of course, you won't want to forget the cachaça, Brazil's national drink.

Add to the fun by having guests take part in party games to host a memorable Summer Olympic themed get-together for friends and family.
Plan your party for the opening ceremony, around a favorite Olympic event ... or save the best for last by celebrating the colorful Olympic closing ceremony.

Summer Olympics party invitation ideaINVITATIONS

For clever homemade invitations, decorate with pictures of famous Rio images, Olympic athletes, the Olympic torch, or Olympic rings clip art.

Also be sure to include a front cover greeting, such as "Let the Games Begin!" or "You're Invited to the Official Party of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics!"


What could be better for kicking off your Summer Olympic celebration with plantain chips served with mango salsa? More no-fuss, no-muss party fixin's include Brazilian shrimp stew for a delicious one-pot meal everyone will enjoy.

Rio's favorite street food? Check out recipes for tapiocas (thin crepes filled with sweet or savory fillings) or Pao de Queijo (bread and cheese rolled into very additive and chewy morsels), Don't forget the vendor popcorn, in sweet caramel or salted varieties, which are available on almost every street corner of Rio.

Meanwhile, stock the bar with plenty of beer, (Brahma and Antartica brands are the two most popular in Brazil) as well as two of the most popular Rio beach refreshers - coconut water and acai juice made from the sweet and nutritious acai berry.

Olympic donutsFor the kids, don't forget to serve bottled water, soda or sports drinks, or think nutritious juices and their favorite fruit drinks.

For dessert, wave the colors with a delicious Olympic ring cake or try this easy recipe for making scrumptious Olympic cookie rings. Or, if you really want to score with young ones in attendance -- simply buy a box of plain donuts. Make a simple sugar frosting, then go to town with food coloring to make different frostings in the official colors of the Olympic rings. Kids of all ages will love it.


A Rio Summer Olympics party would not be complete without the signature drink from Brazil, the caipirinha (ky-pee-ree-nyah) which is fun to drink -- but hard to pronounce!

If you cannot find cachaça (Brazilian rum, pronounced cosh-osh-a) then you can substitute any rum. (Brazil’s national liquor, cachaça, is similar to rum but made with cane sugar instead of molasses for a unique taste.)

Caipirinha cocktailCaipirinha
1/2 lime, quartered
1 teaspoon white sugar
2 1/2 fluid ounces cachaca
ice cubes

1. In a large rocks glass, squeeze and add in 2 wedges of lime.
2. Add sugar, and use a pestle or large spoon to crush and mix.
3. Pour in the cachaca and plenty of ice. Stir well.
4. Garnish with the remaining lime.

Note: Almost as popular as the Caipirinha is the "Capifruta" - a variation that substitutes lime with other fruits including orange, lemon, strawberry, pineapple or passionfruit!


Tune into your favorite online radio station like Streema or Pandora and pump up the volume on favorite Brazilian salsa or Bossa Nova hits. Or, browse your favorite music store or for Olympic CD compilations. You can also search the Web for downloadable audio files including the Olympic Hymn, Chariots of Fire, and other rousing inspirational songs.


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To celebrate Brazil remember their official colors are green, yellow, blue, and white. For more of tropical theme, decorate using streamers in hot pink, reds, oranges, and electric greens.

Browse a local art shop for posters with a Olympic sports posters or Rio travel theme, or scour your closets for a pair of swim goggles, flip-flops, sandals, running shoes, soccer balls, or other summer sports gear you can use as decorations.

Also consider these Olympics party decorating tips:

• Make a table centerpiece of international flags, or go full-tilt Rio using tropical flowers.

• Cut out and color 5 Olympic cardboard rings to hang from the ceiling, or decorate with balloons in the official Olympic colors.

• Keep little ones busy with stickers made from summer sports clipart or Olympic coloring pages to hang around the party room to serve as decorations.


How about a rousing game of Name That Olympic Tune! (see Olympic Party Music, above). For other fun group games, try a Rio Summer Olympics trivia quiz, or arrange a scavenger hunt to find Olympic Gold - such as candy or treats wrapped in gold foil.


Send happy guests home with goodie bags made up of Olympic sports posters or Olympic music CD's, international flags or stickers, and homemade spray-painted "gold medals".

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