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2019 Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating ContestEvery July 4, the eyes of the world focus on Coney Island, NY, for the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

The holiday event, which is open to the public and which is sanctioned by the International Federation of Competitive eating, takes place at Nathan's Famous on the corner of Surf and Stillwell avenues in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

With an expected audience of 50,000 every year, those seeking good viewing are advised to arrive before 11 am. (For more information, call Major League Eating at 212.352.8651.)

coney island hot dog eating contest
The Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest has been a New York tradition since 1972.
(Photo courtesy Nathan's Famous.)

All about the Coney Island 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest

The Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest has been held at Nathan's Famous on the corner of Surf and Stillwell avenues in Coney Island each year since 1916. Yes, you read the year right. And, in 2019 Nathan's celebrates its 103rd anniversary!

The tradition continues at noon, when a group of 20 steely-eyed individuals line up behind a 40-foot table to begin the 12-minute contest. These competitors, known in the sport of competitive eating as "gurgitators", may not appear athletic to the untrained eye. However, they are among the finest athletes - with the quickest jaws! - in the world.

If you can't be there, check your local TV listings. ESPN2 traditionally televises the event as a special holiday treat beginning at 12PM ET.

Current World Hot Dog Eating Champ

With a total of 11 wins in recent years, world champ Joey Chestnut did it again in 2018 and downed 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes. It was a world record -- which won him the coveted 2018 Mustard Belt -- and the $10,000 grand prize!

In 2019, watch for Joey, and defending female champ, Miki Sudo, attempt to defend their titles in the upcoming contest in Coney Island.

What does it take to compete Nathan's Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest?

“Nothing represents summer and the Fourth of July like the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest,” says Wayne Norbitz, president and COO of Nathan's Famous. “This year our nation has new hope for glory.”

Vying for the Mustard Belt

The bejeweled and coveted Mustard Yellow International Belt, worn only by the International Champion, is to hot dog aficionados what Faberge Eggs were to Czar Nicholas. The belt is of unknown age and value, and is unveiled only at the annual contest.

Registration for the Nathan's Famous July 4th International Hot Dog Eating Contest is administered by the International Federation of Competitive Eating. To sign up, participants 18 years and over can visit

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