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Valentine's Love Potions: Essential Oils May Come Close...

lavender essential oilsThrough the ages we have been fascinated with the idea of love potions. A magic elixir that creates instant love or passion. Does Love Potion #9 really exist?

We know that scent plays a major role in the art of passion. We also know that essential oils can have noticeable effects on our moods and physical responses.

Are essential oil blends the answer? Well, science has been unable to provide any concrete answers, however, do any digging through herbal folklore and you will certainly find all kinds of herbal suggestions and talisman ideas.

Considering the season, I thought it would be fun to pull out some love potion recipes and let you decide if you want to try any to see for yourself. I will not be held responsible for the consequences - good, bad or otherwise. Just remember the old saying "Be careful what you wish for - you just might get it!"

All these blends can be used in diffusers, used to scent body powders, to create a scented spray, in a massage oil or as a personal scent (dilute to 1% in jojoba) and worn on pulse points.

cupidActual formulas are not given as part of the power of a potion lies with the creator of the blend. The oils are listed in terms of what portion of the blend they form: MA=major, mi=minor, T=trace. If there is an asterisk (*) after the oil, that indicates the oil is a possible irritant and should be used with caution.

Attraction - Patchouli (MA), Lavender (MA), Cedarwood (mi)

Secret Desires - heliotrope (MA), Cedarwood (MA), Rose (MA), Frankincense (T)

Increased Desire - Jasmine (MA), Vanilla (mi), Musk (mi)

Love Me - Rose (MA), Sandalwood (MA), Jasmine (mi)

Enhance Your Romance - Rose (MA), Gardenia (mi), Lavender (mi)

Arouse Your Passion - Jasmine (MA), Rose (MA), Sandalwood (MA), Patchouli (MA), Camphor* (T)

Sensuous - Ambergris (MA), Jasmine (mi), Musk (mi), Frankincense (T)

Binding Love - Ylang Ylang (MA), Jasmine (MA), Champa (mi), Tuberose (mi), White Wine (mi). For this one, place a few drops of this on your lover's and your heart to bind them in your mutual love for eternity.

May you find love in your life and peace in your heart.

About the Author... Paula Polman, Edmonton AB Canada

Visit for more information.

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