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Gleðileg Jól - Merry Christmas in IcelandCelebrating Christmas in Iceland is a natural!

The long dark nights of winter are illumined not only by Iceland's Northern lights but with countless sparkling holiday lights throughout Iceland to make them especially bright for the holidays

Aglow in the spirit of Christmas, children delight in not one, but 13 "Santas" (the mischeveous jólasveinn, or "Yule Lads") who visit each day of the holiday season to deliver candy and gifts.

When Christmas Day arrives, it is usually spent with family over a traditional dinner of ptarmigan (the Icelandic holiday bird), along with the presentation of the Christmas porridge or rice pudding. In this special dessert is hidden a magic almond, and the the family member who finds it is said to enjoy good luck throughout the coming year

On New Year's Eve, and again on January 6th, (Twelfth Night or Þréttandinn, the Thirteenth Day) bonfires are lit in celebration, followed by spectacular fireworks displays that light the night skies.

Christmas in ReykjavikAround the Web, discover more information and photos of a traditional Icelandic Christmas, including the origins of ancient Yule tales and folklore, holiday happenings in the capital city of Reykjavik and additional facts on modern day feasting and celebrations ...

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