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Love the nightlife? LIke to boogie? Then it's time to disco!

At any dance party this disco theme can't go far wrong when you're planning a 70's era bash...

Saturday Night Fever is an obvious choice, but don't forget other movie hits of the decade including Charlies Angels, Rocky, or even Rocky Horror Picture Show!

If it's a costume party, 70's fashion trends dictate flared trousers and bell bottoms and, of course, big platform shoes. The 70's also saw the rise of the smiley face, so be sure to include those in your plans for decorations or invitations.

70s partyWhen it comes to party games and activities, test your party guests knowledge of 1970's trivia, or see who remembers the most dance trends from the era with a live demonstration.

Don't forget the party drinks, including authentic 70's Harvey Wallbangers or the makings for a White Russian. Also remember America's favorite diet cola? Still with a loyal following today, it was Tab - "A Beautiful Drink for Beautiful People." - that hipsters consumed in mass quantities through the decade.

Around the Web, check out more ideas for a complete 1970's theme party including tips & suggestions for invitations, music, decorations, party drinks & menus...

Have fun!

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