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The big news has been announced, friends and family are busily arranging the baby shower ...and you're invited! Now what?

Shopping for baby shower gifts shouldn't be rocket science, although there are always baby shower gifts more appreciated than others.

Diapers, diapers, diapers

Try to avoid gimmicky gifts (i.e., diaper warmers, monogrammed diaper bags) and stick to the tried and true baby shower gifts that every new parent will love. Disposable infant diapers, for instance. They get used so fast that it can safely be said that any new mom may use them by the truckload.

Alternatively, if mom prefers eco-friendly or plans to use cloth diapers, a gift certificate from a diaper cleaning service would also be greatly appreciated.

What else do new parents most appreciate? The traditional all-inclusive diaper bag that will go with them everywhere they go stuffed with not only diapers — but bottles, snacks, lotions and baby wipes, baby's favorite toys, and a change of clothes.

diaper cake
How to make
a diaper cake

Into the future

Infant toys or baby clothes are other traditional baby shower gift options. However, don't limit yourself to onesies or infant-sizes - babies grow fast! So consider fitting babies with older outfits as well. Learning toys will also come in handy as baby grows.

If money is no object, find out what the new mom needs and consider the big ticket items like a bassinet, a baby swing, high chair, or walker. To help defray costs, arrange to chip in with other friends or family members.

Memorable ideas

Want to give something that will be especially remembered? Here are a few more ideas for the new baby as well as a special thought for mom to make her feel extra special, loved and pampered:

• Create a "3AM Kit for the New Mommy" by filling a small tote with infant diapers, baby wipes, rash lotions, baby aspirin, gas relief drops, baby teething gel, and freezable teething rings.

• Write out a check for $20-25 and designate it as "Baby's College Fund."

• A subscription to a parenting magazine makes a great gift that keeps on giving. After purchasing the subscription, buy the latest issue from a local newsstand and include a card that lets them know they can look forward to another issue each month of baby's first year.

• Make it easy for mom to transition from home to maternity ward with a gift bag filled with things she'll need at the hospital. Be sure to include travel-size soaps, toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, a comb and brush, along with a nice comfy pair of slippers.

• After the baby's arrival, mom's going to need some help! Consider including an IOU for babysitting services, a gift certificate for a spa day, or dinner at a restaurant (even if it's a fast food joint) for a much needed night off.

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