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The tradition of housewarming parties probably began with cavemen bringing embers from their fire to their friends new cave to "warm" their hearth.

Gifts from friends, family and neighbors may take the place of hot coals in modern home, but the wonderful feeling of opening your new home to guests for the first time is still as popular as ever.

The traditional housewarming gifts of bread and salt date back to the Middle Ages when newlyweds moving out on their own were given the basic staples of life to start their new household and bring luck to the new home.

Bringing sugar along on a visit to a friend or relatives new home came to signify best wishes for a sweet and happy life...and in that regard you could never go wrong with a gift of wine.

These traditions are still alive. A housewarming brings good wishes and friendship to warm the new house or apartment and thoughtful gifts to fill the rooms.

Green, growing houseplants are always a popular gift and a phone call to find out what the new kitchen lacks in terms of small appliances is a great way to make sure that your gift will be used. Towels for the kitchen or bath make good housewarming presents, and nowadays you wouldn't be far off the mark buying the latest electronic gadgets for the new home office or den...

In short, just about anything that gets used frequently makes a thoughtful gift for new home owners.

How to host a housewarming party

On the flip side of the housewarming equation, party hosts can take heart in knowing that planning a housewarming is probably the easiest get-together they will ever have to plan in their new home.

Decorations? A fresh floral centerpiece to greet guests on arrival is nice, but otherwise the house itself will be the main focal point. More good news? Your guests won't be expecting a lavish dinner. Make it a traditional buffet meal or even a pot luck dinner that they can even help prepare!

Deviled eggs, shrimp kabobs, or other elegant finger foods are always a good idea for an open house or housewarming. Save yourself additional work by supplying sturdy paper plates and quality brand paper napkins.

Make your housewarming party plans for a weekend - to give everyone a better opportunity to attend - and send out invitations at least a couple of weeks in advance. Most importantly, remember to include driving directions. Since this is most likely the first time your guests will be visiting, you want to make sure everybody knows how to get there. You might also want to include a contact number, as well (just in case anyone gets hopelessly lost.)

Once guests arrive, they will naturally want a house tour, so have plans ready to oblige them by arranging beforehand who will be giving tours -- and who will be answering the door and looking after guests.

If you're hosting your first housewarming party, or would like additional tips on how to make your next housewarming a sure-fire hit, get more advice from expert sites featuring related party tips, ideas, menus, recipes and more...

Have fun!

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