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Happy Fathers DayHow important are fathers?

Just up ahead, these articles and columns are about fathers and the influence they had on the lives of their children.

Many were written to honor the memory of fathers who had died, some are addressed to dads still "In the Living Years" as an expression of gratitude for the love, lessons and gifts that fathers give their children.

On Father's Day, or any day, remembering the special men who help to shape a child's world - and create a model to build an adult life on - is inspiring and heart warming...


My Father and the Lima Beans - Simple lessons from a father can shape the future for a child and touch the world as that child moves through it.

Lessons from My Father - "The most important life lessons I learned are ones that my father never actively tried to teach me. He simply lived them." A simple story of a man who was never a failure in the eyes of his son.

A Tribute to My Father, Joseph P. Gomer - One of the Tuskegee Airman, Joseph P. Gomer was an inspiration to many. This is a tribute to his life and values by his daughter.


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