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National Dog ShowThe National Dog Show, one of the most prestigious dogs shows in America, is one of only six dog shows where the public can interact with show dogs.

The National Dog Show on TV

Featuring over 3,000 dogs in 150 different breeds, the National Dog Show has become a part of the Thanksgiving Day tradition and this year 50 of the top contenders were spotlighted on NBC-TV on Thursday, November 22, 2018 at noon in all time zones following the Thanksgiving Day parade broadcast.

National Dog Show Best in Show
Newton, the Brussels Griffon  
wins Best in Show in 2017.

Last year, all eyes and ears were on Newton, the 3-year-old Brussels Giffon and Chewbacca look alike, who took the crown with the top honor of Best in Show at the National Dog Show.

Traditionally, dogs who are entered in the National Dog Show are judged in groups beginning with the type of breed (such as Irish Setter, Golden Retriever, Poodle.)

Next, the winning dogs earn a place in the next round to compete with all other dogs within their specific group -- such as Toy, Herding, Non-Sporting, Terrier, Sporting, Hound and Working) -- all leading up to picking the top dog as "Best in Show."

Hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, the National Dog Show is one of the oldest benched dog shows in the U.S., held annually since 1933.

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On the Web, find out more about the National Dog Show with facts and info on the this year's competition, show background history, and a bit of trivia behind choosing America's best dog...


NBC Sports - The National Dog Show - Check out comprehensive coverage from the official TV sponsor including news, updates, video reports and photo galleries.

Kennel Club of Philadelphia - The official home to hosts of the National Dog Show with a great presentation on other sponsored shows throughout the year, kid's page, show photos, related links.


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