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Hary Potter musicPart of the reason that the Harry Potter movies are so much fun, and at times so scary, is the music that plays in the background to enhance the action or pull at your heartstrings.

The soundtracks from the movies are not just fun to listen to -- they are fun to sing along with or to learn to play on a musical instrument. These include popular tracks like Hedwig's Theme, Harry in Winter, Mischief Managed, and Double Trouble.

YouTube is a great place for seeking out your favorite Harry Potter tunes and soundtracks. Or, click over to Amazon to preview tracks offered for purchase in full collections or as separate downloads.

Remember that is illegal to download copyrighted Harry Potter sheet music for free, but sites like Music Notes remains a great resource that allows previews (with a fee for downloading the entire work.)

If you're planning a Harry Potter theme party, what better background music could there be than some of the tunes from your favorite boy wizard's films?

Just up ahead, discover an earful of Harry Potter at major sites offering sample audio files, downloadable midi tunes, lyrics, and information on the Harry Potter soundtracks...

More about Harry Potter music & soundtracks around the Web:

Harry Potter Music - Wikipedia's virtual encyclopedia of HP music information with lists of songs from each of the movie soundtracks, sample audio files, and related links to lots more.

Harry Potter Soundtracks - Harry Potter Wiki - Lists of songs from each of the movie soundtracks with descriptions, including information on recurring music themes heard throughout the movies series with sample audio files where available.

Harry Potter midi files - Scroll down the long list for downloadable files based on popular tunes and soundtracks from all the Harry Potter movies.

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