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Chicago TriathlonThe Chicago Triathlon is one of the most well known and well attended triathlons on the planet.

Every year in late August, athletes from all over the world converge on downtown Chicago to swim, bike, and run in a fierce competition of Olympic proportions.

The Chicago Triathlon boasts over 11,000 attendees, more than a quarter of a million spectators, and countless more through the various media outlets that cover the event. In fact, the Chicago Triathlon holds the Guinness record as the world's largest international distance triathlon.

Chicago Triathlon 2017

Watch for this year's landmark 35th annual Chicago Triathlon to kick off on Sunday, August 27, 2017 beginning at 6AM at Chicago's Downtown Lakefront, lasting until about 3PM.

Chicago Triathlon course map
Chicago Triathlon
Course Map

Leading up to the main event are two competitions held the day before - including a beginners triathlon beginning at 7:30AM on Saturday at Chicago's Foster Avenue Beach - followed by a kids' triathlon.

On Sunday, the main event draws the biggest crowds, beginning with the swim in Monroe Street Harbor. The swim portion is either 1.5 kilometers or .75 kilometers, depending on whether competitors are participating in the International distance or the Sprint distance.

After the swimming portion of the race comes the bike race. Competitors bike for either 40 kilometers or 22 kilometers, depending on what version of the race they are participating in.

Finally, the run portion is either 10 kilometers for the international distance competitors or else 5 kilometers for the Sprint distance competitors. Both distances end at the same finish line, at Hutchinson Field in Grant Park.

The Chicago Triathlon is also always looking for volunteers, which is another great way to get out and support a truly fantastic event.

More about the Chicago Triathlon around the Web:

Chicago Triathlon
- The official site with info on this year's race, entry & registration details, parking and transportation, Chicago travel info and accommodations, Triathlon weekend events, and complete results.

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