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New York City MarathonWatch for this year's big run in the Big Apple to kick off on Sunday morning, November 4, 2018 beginning at 9AM with the starting line at the city's famous Verrazono-Narrows Bridge in Staten Island.

For complete TV coverage tune in to local ABC television on Channel 7 in New York City. and nationwide on ESPN and ESPN2.

Celebrities running this year? Check back later in the year to find out what actors, supermodels and sports stars will be running America's most-watched race in November.

All about the New York City Marathon

What began in Central Park with a 127 runners in 1970 has grown to become an international event, which includes almost 50,000 runners from around the world in one of the largest and most famous running competitions.

Where else? In New York City, where an estimated 2 million spectators pack the sidewalks each year to cheer on a friend, a relative, or famous celebrity in a marathon truly energized by a carnival party atmosphere, stretching from Staten Island to midtown Manhattan.

New York Marathon official route

The New York City Marathon starts on the Staten Island side of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, then proceeds through Brooklyn and Queens.

Crossing into Manhattan, via the Queensborough Bridge, the race next makes its way up to the Bronx and then south again to Manhattan ... where the finish line awaits in Central Park.

Best New York Marathon viewing

In Manhattan, First Avenue and 59th Street traditionally provides the most dramatic views as runners spill down the ramp of the Queensborough Bridge (at the 16-mile mark) for a sharp turn on First Avenue to speed their way uptown. Otherwise, the best spectator viewing - and most elbow room - can be found on First Avenue between 65th and 96th Streets.

In Brooklyn, any spot along Fourth Avenue, the longest NYC Marathon stretch, comes highly recommended. In Queens, the best spots lie along 51st Street and 44th Drive from Vernon to Crescent Street. Meanwhile, up north in the Bronx, try 138th Street from Alexander Avenue to Third Avenue.

Around the Web, check out more detailed course descriptions with related maps, pictures, stories, history and trivia, stats and running times plus lots more on the world's biggest block party that is the New York City Marathon...

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