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London Marathon course map
London Marathon Course Maps

London Marathon Best Viewing:
Greenwich Park • Canary Wharf
The Embankment • The Mall

Off to a running start in the Spring of 1981, the inaugural London Marathon saw over 6,000 jogging marathoners cross the finish line as cheering crowds lined the route.

Since then, the London Marathon has continued to grow in size and popularity and today averages more than 47,000 applicants annually.

This year, the capital city event is scheduled to kick off on Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 9:45 AM local time coinciding with local Earth Day celebrations.

More importantly, the London Marathon also doubles as a charity event, with hopes of raising millions of pounds in the biggest one-day fundraiser in the UK. So also watch for an A-list of celebrities to run on London Marathon Sunday to further help the cause.

Meanwhile, join millions of marathon fans - in London and around the world - to wish all the runners the best of luck!

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Around the Web, find out more about big city excitement that fuels the London Marathon, along with events that surround it. Also discover helpful resources for runners, entry details, spectator guides and route maps, marathon factoids and trivia, and a bit of history behind the London Marathon ...

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