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MAIN Arrow to SportsSports Arrow to BasketballBasketball Arrow to NCAA BracketsNCAA Brackets - 2018 March Madness

March Madness updates
2018 March Madness Bracket

2018 Printable March Madness BracketNCAA Men's Division I Bracket

2017 March Madness Bracket

2017 Printable March Madness BracketNCAA Men's Division I Bracket

This year, the madness begins with Selection Sunday 2018!

On Sunday, March 11, 2018 college basketball team match-ups were officially announced during a nationwide broadcast. For the first time ever, TBS took over announcement duties this year with the selection show airing at 6PM ET.

Now its on to the big dance with CBS, TNT and TruTV joining in to televise every game from the first rounds to the championship game. Meanwhile, keep it here for the complete March Madness TV schedule beginning March 13 with First Four eliminations.

From the announcement of the initial 64 teams — to the Sweet 16 to the Elite 8 — all the action leads to the Final Four on March 31, followed by the ultimate do-or-die championship game played on Monday, April 2, 2018 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

2018 March Madness TV Schedule

march madness on tnt, tbs, cbs, tru tv,Watch for the First Four round to air exclusively on truTV beginning on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

Sharing first and second round coverage will be CBS, TNT, TBS, and truTV.

Thereafter, the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 rounds will air on TBS and CBS. Watch for the Final Four (Saturday, March 31) and the Championship game (Monday, April 2) to be televised exclusively on TBS in primetime.


Monday, April 2
Villanova 79, Michigan 62 - FINAL SCORE


Saturday, March 31

Michigan 69, Loyola Chicago 57
Villanova 95, Kansas, 79


Sunday, March 25

Villanova 71, Texas Tech 59 - FINAL
Kansas 85, Duke 81 - FINAL

Saturday, March 24 - FINAL SCORES

Loyola Chicago 78, Kansas State 62 - FINAL
Michigan 58, Florida State 54 - FINAL


Friday, March 23

Kansas 80, Clemson 76 - FINAL
Villanova 90, West Virgina 78 - FINAL
Duke 69, Syracuse 65 - FINAL
Texas Tech 78, Purdue 65 - FINAL

Thursday, March 22 - FINAL SCORES

Loyola Chicago 69, Nevada 68 - FINAL
Michigan 99, Texas A&M 72 - FINAL
Kansas State 61, Kentucky 58 - FINAL
Florida State 75, Gonzaga 60 - FINAL


Sunday, March 18 - FINAL SCORES

Purdue 76, Butler 73 - FINAL
Syracuse 55, Michigan State 53 - FINAL
Texas A&M 86, North Carolina 65 - FINAL
Nevada 75, Cincinnati 73 - FINAL
Clemson 84, 4 Auburn, 53 - FINAL
Kansas State 50, UMBC 43 - FINAL
Florida State 75, Xavier 70 - FINAL
West Virginia 94, Marshall 71 - FINAL

Saturday, March 17 - FINAL SCORES

Villanova 81, Alabama 56 - FINAL
Duke 87, Rhode Island 62 - FINAL
Kentucky 95, Buffalo 75 - FINAL
Loyola-Chicago 63, Tennessee 62 - FINAL
Kansas 83, Seton Hall 79 - FINAL
Gonzaga 90, Ohio St. 84 - FINAL
Texas Tech 69, Florida 66 - FINAL
Houston 63, Michigan 61 - FINAL


Friday, March 16

Texas A&M 73, Providence 69- FINAL
Purdue 74, CS Fullerton 48 - FINAL
Marshall 81, Wichita State 75 - FINAL
Cincinnati 68, Georgia State 58 - FINAL
North Carolina 84, Lipscomb 66 - FINAL
Butler 79, Arkansas 62 - FINAL
West Virginia 85, Murray State 68 - FINAL
Nevada 87, Texas 83 - FINAL
Kansas State 69, Creighton 59 - FINAL
Michigan State 82, Bucknell 78 - FINAL
Xavier 102, Texas Southern 83 - FINAL
Auburn 62, College of Charleston 58 - FINAL
UMBC 74, Virginia 54 - FINAL


UMBC wipes out Virginia to become frist 16 seed ever to knock off a No. 1. They later fell to Kansas St.

Syracuse 57, TCU 52 - FINAL
Florida State 67, Missouri 54 - FINAL
Clemson 79, New Mexico State 68 - FINAL

Thursday, March 15 - FINAL SCORES

Rhode Island 83, Oklahoma 78 - FINAL
Tennessee 73, Wright State 47 - FINAL
Gonzaga 68, UNC Greensboro 64 - FINAL
Kansas 76, Penn 60 - FINAL
Duke 89, Iona 67 - FINAL
Loyola (Chicago) 64, Miami 62 - FINAL
Ohio State 81, South Dakota State 73 - FINAL
Seton Hall 94, N.C. State 83 - FINAL
Villanova 87, Radford 61 - FINAL
Kentucky 78, Davidson 73 - FINAL
Houston 67, San Diego State 65 - FINAL
Texas Tech 70, Stephen F. Austin 60 - FINAL
Alabama 86, Virginia Tech 83 - FINAL
Buffalo 89, Arizona 68 - FINAL
Michigan 61, Montana 47 - FINAL
Florida 77, St. Bonaventure 62 - FINAL


Tuesday, March 13
Radford 71, LIU Brooklyn 61 - FINAL
St. Bonaventure 65, UCLA 58 - FINAL

Wednesday, March 14
Texas Southern 64, NC Central 46 - FINAL
Syracuse 60, Arizona 56 - FINAL

2018 March Madness tickets - watching the games live

The initial scramble for March Madness tickets for the first four, second/third round and regional games begins in late summer or fall of the year before.

ncaa march madness ticketsMeanwhile, scoring tickets to local games means getting ready to pounce at venues where games will be played as they are announced in March - whether its smaller college arenas or mega-venus such as Madison Square Garden in New York City.

FINAL FOUR: For the most sought-after finals, the NCAA annually puts about 40% of allotted Final Four tickets up for grabs in a random selection process the year before. The rest are managed by their official partner, Prime Sport. They provide a safe venue for fans to swap or sell tickets for popular final game tickets. Don't forget that as the tournament heats up, prices can range anywhere from $30 and upwards to $15,000!

BUT BE CAREFUL OUT THERE: As usual, be wary of the unscrupulous ticket seller on Craig's list or any other person looking to score on the frenzy for March Madness tickets. Say no to cash payments and only use a credit card to have record of your purchase and to contest any argument. Pro Tip: Buy from reputable sites like StubHub and TicketsNow which offer guarantees for refunds or exchanges on ticket errors or canceled games.

March Madness trivia & fun facts

The phrase “March Madness” was coined by Henry V. Porter in 1939 to describe an Illinois high school basketball tourney. Brent Musburger first used it during NCAA coverage in 1982 causing a legal battle almost as insane as the playoffs.

But everyone finally worked things out and the madness was official. There isn't a good record of who first called the playoffs "The Big Dance", but it does describe the action.

The 5 schools who have the winningest history in NCAA Division I Men's basketball are:

  • UCLA with 11 championships;

  • Kentucky who won the March Madness games 7 times;

  • Indiana with 5 Big Dance victories;

  • North Carolina outlasted all the other teams 4 times, including their championship win in 2005, and

  • Duke with 5 titles, the most recent in a nail biter over Wisconsin in 2015.

Although past history is no guarantee in this Cinderella-laced NCAA tournament, number one seeds have won every time in the first round for the past 16 years and number two seeds have only lost three first round games... a 95% win average.

What makes the brackets exciting are the number 13 and 14 seeds who came out winners in the first round 20 times since 1992... a sweet 16% that leads to dreams of glory. Watch for them in your brackets. Also look for teams from smaller conferences or those who had a bad start to the season, but got their game on during the last weeks to pull off an invitation. A power player on a slump or injury roster who recovers can mean a lower seed for a solid team.

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