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two players reaching for a volleyballIf your idea of volleyball is a friendly game in the backyard, get ready for a whole new experience when you watch or play a serious game.

The serves are fierce and the returns are aimed to be, well, nonreturnable.

The speed and fierceness of this game along with the absolute dependence on team cooperation make it as lively a game for the spectators as for the players.

As volleyball fans know, the object of the game is to hit the ball to the opposing team without giving them an opportunity to return the ball back over the net. Techniques of attack include spiking the ball downward so expertly it will be difficult to serve a return. Another sneaky move called dinking softly moves the ball over the net for a sudden drop into the opponents court.

While indoor volleyball remains popular, beach volleyball is the version of the game gaining worldwide attention, especially after having earned a coveted place in the Olympics in the 1990's.

Just up ahead,limber up with some of the best sites for finding out more about the game, it's history, the rules of play, current tournaments, and stars of the volleyball scene....

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More about volleyball around the Web:

Volleyball Rules & Regulations- Check out tips and instructions on official rules of play and what's prohibited during the game, with related articles on volleyball drills and improving your game.

Volleyball World Wide - This site covers volleyball in the 50 US States from high school through pro and Olympic level players. Tips for beginners and hints for even the best players to improve. International coverage is well-represented here, along with coaching and anything else volleyball related.

Volleyball Hall of Fame - The Hall of Fame in Holyoke, Massachusetts marks the place where the game began. The site offers a good look at the history of volleyball including its growth from a local YMCA fitness sport to an international competitive giant. Players are showcased in the inductees section. Check the plans for the new building and the appeal for material for the archives...

FIVB - The International Volleyball Federation, the international governing body for volleyball featuring an impressive beach volleyball section and worldwide clearinghouse for news and feature articles, tournament schedules, world tours and Olympic events, history and photos.

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