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Wines & Wineries of South America

Bento Gonçalves vineyard in Brazilian wine country,

Wines of Chile Wines of Uruguay



Discover 'New Wines' with a Long History - South American Wines

South America wine touring

The New World wines of South America are winning awards in the traditional wine market. It shouldn't come as a surprise.The grape vines of Chile and Argentina were planted by missionaries who came from Spain with the conquistadors in the mid-sixteenth century. Vineyards were planted in 1551. The first records of wines being produced are from 1555 ...

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South America - Wines from South America - Here's a great place to start a deep dig into the wines of the continent, featuring an interactive map to each country leading to more on regional winemaking and more information on individual wineries within each country.

South America Wine Regions Map - Check out the big picture to help locate major wine regions throughout Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay with related overviews and information.

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