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Birth Signs, Gem Stones & Flowers
Make Good Gift Starters

Looking for a great personalized gift idea? Consider their birthdate!

Simply tailor your gift to the gemstone, flower, or special colors associated with their birth sign.

As the following chart illustrates, those born under the sign of Aries, for example, are born in March and April, and usually favor spring flowers. Their traditional brithstone is diamond. Ruled by the fiery planet Mars, red is the color also most often associated with Aries, The Ram.

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac span the entire year, beginning with Aquarius in January and ending with Capricorn in December -- making it easy to pick out a perfect gift for everyone on your gift list.

How to Read The Zodiac Gift Chart: The Zodiac signs cross the months. Most start around the 21st of the month. So Capricorn, the goat, begins at the end of December and ends in January. People who are born close to the 21st are said to be born on the cusp... where both signs have some influence. The colors in the box at the far right are some of the colors associated with that sign.

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Months Stones Meanings Flowers  Birth Signs  
January Garnet Constancy Carnations Goat  
February Amethyst Sincerity Violets Water Bearer
March Bloodstone Courage Daffodils & Jonquils Fish
April Diamond Purity & Innocence Sweet Pea & Daisy Ram
May Emerald Success & Happiness Lily-of-the-Valley Bull
June Pearl Health & Prosperity Rose Twins
July Ruby Love Larkspur & Water Lily Crab
August Sardonyx Family Happiness Gladiolus Lion
September Sapphire Wisdom & Love Aster Virgin
October Opal Hope Calendula & Cosmos Scales
November Topaz Friendship Chrysanthemum Scorpion


December Turquoise Harmony & Contentment Narcissus Archer

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