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Granola, Oats, Raisins & Peanuts
GORP! Simple and Simply Delicious

gorp - nuts and raisins If you are not a backpacker or a child of the sixties, you may not be familiar with this incredible snack food.

It started out as trail mix, but somewhere along the line, the initials of the ingredients melded into a new word for a scrumptious treat. There are some that argue that the word GORP came from "Good Old Raisins and Peanuts," but it really doesn't matter. The end result is a silly word for a great snack.

You don't need a recipe for GORP, although if you want directions try pouring one cup of each ingredient into a large Baggie or other plastic sealable container. Mix it up a little and stick your hand in - pull out a handful and eat it!

The original GORP recipe has been altered so often that it sometimes barely resembles the hardy hiker snack. People have been know to add chocolate or carob bits - even M&Ms, figs, dates, almonds, walnuts...all kinds of nuts and dried fruit. Some use sweetened granola or leave out the oat.

Shelled sesame seeds make a great combo with the raisins. Basically, you can add or take away any ingredient as long as you keep the moistness that the raisins give the snack and the nutty flavor of the granola and the nuts.

The best thing about GORP is that it's a healthy snack alternative that tastes really good, is incredibly simple to make and can be taken anywhere in a handy little plastic bag. Kids love it for snacks at school.

Imagine, a healthy food that children will eat without whining! This is one snack that you can tailor to each of your children. Just use a separate Baggie for each special mix and everyone can have their own favorite to tote to school... and tell all their friends that they made it themselves! For a special treat, let them help you shop to pick out their own ingredients to add to the mix. The clean up after this cooking adventure is easy. Just close the baggies and you're done.

Some of the more interesting versions make a great addition to your party foods. One thing that you can be sure of when you serve GORP is that everyone will love it. Make sure that you have enough and if you do make too much, just bring out the baggies and save it for snacks for the clean up crew.

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