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Grandparent's Day Gift Ideas
What to give your grandparents, and what
THEY can give YOU this Grandparents Day...

Grandparents Day gift ideas to give & getSince recognition of grandparents on Grandparents Day was first undertaken by Marian McQuade in 1970, the idea had always included a sharing of gifts between generations.

Gifts included not only what you can give to honor your grandparents, but what you - as grandparents - can give to your grandkids in wisdom and experience.

Below, check out our review of great ideas for a "gift swap" between the oldest and youngest family members for celebrating a really thoughtful and joyful Grandparents Day this year...

TO Grandparents:

Host a get-together at a luncheon, tea, or dinner in their honor.

If you're unable to attend a celebration, send a special Grandparents Day flower arrangement.

Offer to lend a hand with home makeovers like painting, tiling, or furniture refurbishing.

Restore old family photos and present them in a scrapbook or album.

Help grandparents keep active by attending an art, exercise, computer or related educational class with them.

Make their lives easier by buying thoughtful gifts that suit their interests (for example, gardening supplies, genealogy software, travel totes, etc.)

See more helpful suggestions in our gift guide for gifts to give grandparents for birthdays, holidays or anyday.

FROM Grandparents:

grandma and granddaughter Trace your family's geneaology by creating a family tree just for the grandkids that documents uncles, aunts and cousins back a few generations. The ensuing conversations ("Who was great-aunt Victoria?") are priceless.

Regale the kids with stories of when they were babies or, better still, tales of "when I was a kid". (See related feature -> A Blast from the Past )

Have a secret family recipe only you kmow the secret to? Write it down and make copies to include in a binder of recipes that your family has enjoyed down through the years, then present it to eager family members. They will always cherish it.

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