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Mother's Day - Gift Ideas from the Heart!

daughter hugging mother on mother's dayThink of all the things your mom has done for you. Mine changed my diapers, fed me, clothed me, and spent way more money on my clothes than her own. She was the chauffer, shoulder to cry on, advice giver, chief cook, bottle washer, nurse, housekeeper, and supreme typist for those last minute reports that were due.

However, for Mother's Day most of us just run to a store and buy something nice for her, such as Mother's Day flowers or chocolate. While those things are “nice” a little bit more time thinking about a gift from the heart will mean so much more!

Have you ever thought of either hiring a cleaning crew for her or doing her cleaning for her? If you really have to spend money, send her to a day spa for a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, and favorite lunch while YOU take over her duties for a day.

Why not put together some sort of tribute in a scrapbook or family tree that she can set out on her coffee table? This takes time and ingenuity and will truly show her how much you care while giving her something to remember your love.

For those of you who do not have your mothers with you any longer, think about adopting a mom. Is there a woman in your life who's a mom and you happen to KNOW won't be getting any appreciation this Mother's Day? How about you take her out or make her dinner? Think of ways to celebrate the life of your own Mother by being with another.

I have two friends who are facing their first Mother's Day without their own moms. They are so heartbroken that if someone were to take them out and love them, I know it would make all the difference.

Isn't that what women are all about, making a difference in the lives of others? We're the nurturers and caretakers. Don't let it stop at your immediate family! Carry it to other families in need.

Take this time to enjoy your Mother. Have fun with her. Celebrate her life. Revel in her love.

About the Author...
Susie Glennan has been happily married since 1982, is mom to 3 teenagers, and is a Home Maker, Nurturer, Teacher, Competent Toast Master, Author and owner of The Busy Woman's Daily Planner. You can reach Susie at

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