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Keeping it Simple - Quick & Easy Ideas for Kids Valentine's Day Parties

chocolate kissValentine's Day is a fun holiday. Here is a day that gives people the chance to bring smiles and laughter to life. Children especially love to make people happy. They also love parties, games, chocolate, presents, flowers, cards...

Valentine's Day Recipes

Today, even small children enjoy this yummy holiday. Parents can help their children with any tricky parts, but cookies are simple enough to bake with help. Nestle Tollhouse Cookies are delicious and you can combine a couple of different flavors together and make one huge heart shaped cookie!

Pretzels, chocolate kisses, and M & M's make an amazingly delicious treat called "Chocolate Spots" that are so simple to make!

What about heart shaped cupcakes with red and white frosting? After you pour the batter into the cupcake holder, place a small marble between the wrapper and the pan to make an indent - and create an instant heart shape! (Don't forget the red or pink fruit punch to wash it all down.)

Valentine's Day Games

Valentine's Day CandyThere are tons of fun and simple ideas for games that are great for parties at home or in a classroom setting.

Little candy hearts are a popular idea and are also useful in more than one game. You can use them to see who can stack the tallest tower of candy hearts, you can use them to play Valentine Bingo, or you can fill a jar with them and see who can guess how many are in the jar.

Traditional games also can be transformed into a special Valentine's Day version. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, play pin the arrow on cupid - or pin the heart on the bullseye. "Duck, Duck, Goose" can become "Cupid, Cupid, Run!"

Valentine's Day Crafts

One of the simplest crafts to make for children is a paper heart. Make several sizes and colors and glue them together to make a multi-layer valentine! Tissue paper scrunched together makes a beautiful rose! Twist a pipe cleaner into a heart shape and string it on some yarn and you have a one-of-a-kind necklace!

This Valentine's Day enjoy teaching your children how to make others laugh and smile. Take the pressure off yourself - and your kids - with ideas that are quick, easy, simple and fun...

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