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Blue Angels flight formationSince they first impressed visitors with the first demonstration of U.S. Navy aerial skills in 1946, the Blue Angles - today in competition with the USAF Thunderbirds - have set the standard for military air shows across the country and around the world.

Over decades of spectacular shows, featuring the sleek and extraordinarily maneuverable F/A-18 Hornet, the Blue Angels have entertained more than 400 million spectators worldwide.

Just up ahead, check out the complete Blue Angels 2022 schedule along with related fun facts and trivia about the most experienced flying aerobatic team in America:

In 2022, the Blue Angels squadron is scheduled to perform in dozens of shows and locations throughout the United States. They begin their season in March at the Naval Air Facility in El Centro, CA and conclude on November 12th at NAS Pensacola, their homebase in Florida. This year, also watch for another special performance by the Blue Angels during 2022 San Francisco Fleet Week in October.

DID YOU KNOW? Blue Angels fun facts & trivia

• Formed in 1946, the Blue Angels are the oldest flying aerobatic team in the US. It also holds the title of second oldest flying aerobatic team in the world, after the French Patrouille de France formed in 1931.

• Originally, the team was called the Navy Flight Exhibition Team, but the name changed when one of the original pilots read about a New York City nightclub called "Blue Angels".

Another crowd-pleaser: the opposing four point roll.

• The closest distance planes fly to each other is 18 inches during the Diamond 360 maneuver. For more, also check out the Blue Angels Maneuvers Manual from the FAA.

• Blue Angels planes can travel at supersonic speeds up to 1,400 miles per hour. To avoid shattering windows (and eardrums), pilots fly at a mere 700 mph during exhibitions.

Marine Corps Capt. Katie Higgins became the first female Blue Angels pilot in 2014.

2022 Blue Angels schedule
(dates and locations subject to change)

12, NAF El Centro, CA | NAF El Centro Annual Air Show
19 · 20, NAS New Orleans, LA | New Orleans Air Show
26 · 27, MacDill AFB, FL | MacDill Air Fest
2 · 3, NAS Kingsville, TX | Wings Over South Texas
9 · 10, JRB Charleston, SC | JB Charleston Air Show
23 · 24, Vidalia, GA | Vidalia Air Show
30, Vero Beach, FL | Vero Beach Air Show
1, Vero Beach, FL | Vero Beach Air Show
7 · 8, McGuire AFB, NJ | Power in the Pines Air Show
14 · 15, Ellsworth AFB, SD | Ellsworth AFB Air Show
25, USNA, Annapolis, MD | U.S. Naval Academy Air Show
27, USNA, Annapolis, MD | U.S. Naval Academy Fly Over
28 · 29, Jones Beach, NY | Jones Beach Air Show
4 · 5, Eau Claire, WI | Chippewa Valley Air Show
11 · 12, Chesterfield, MO | Spirit of St. Louis Air Show
18 · 19, Millington, TN | Memphis Air Show
2 · 4, Traverse City, MI | National Cherry Festival Air Show
9, Pensacola Beach, FL | Pensacola Beach Air Show
16 · 17, Ypsilanti, MI | Thunder Over Michigan Air Show
23 · 24, Milwaukee, WI | Milwaukee Air and Water Show
30 · 31, Dayton, OH | Dayton Air Show
6 · 7 Seattle, WA | Boeing SeaFair Air Show
13 · 14 MCAS Kaneohe Bay, HI | Kaneohe Bay Air Show
20 · 21 McMinnville, OR | Oregon International Air Show
3 · 5, Cleveland, OH | Cleveland National Air Show
10 · 11, Knoxville, TN | Knoxville Air Show
17 · 18, NAS Oceana, VA | NAS Oceana Air Show
24 · 25, MCAS Miramar, CA | MCAS Miramar Air Show
1 · 2, Minden, NV | Aviation Roundup Air Show
8 · 9, San Francisco, CA | 2022 San Francisco Fleet Week
22 · 23, NAS Jacksonville, FL | NAS JAX Air Show
29 · 30, Houston, TX | Wings Over Houston Air Show
5 · 6, Peachtree City, GA | Peachtree City Air Show
11 · 12, NAS Pensacola, FL | NAS Pensacola Homecoming Air Show

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