Tip: Because it take hours to dry, cotton clothing should be avoided whenever possible. Wool, fleece or synthetics are best.

camping checklistWide brimmed hat (to protect against rain or sun)
camping checklistWoolen hat (for colder mornings)
camping checklistJacket or sweater
camping checklistLong-sleeved shirts
camping checklistShort-sleeved shirts
camping checklistPants or shorts
camping checklistUnderwear (and/or long underwear)
camping checklistWarm pants
camping checklistHiking boots
camping checklistSocks
camping checklistSwimsuit
camping checklistSunglasses

Camping Gear & Equipment

Tip: Shop around for the best prices on basic equipment, but remember that not all camping gear is created equal.

Talk to camping friends, read reviews, and/or browse online comparison shopping sites for more information on best value for the money.

camping checklistBackpack
camping checklistSleeping bag (and sleeping pads to place underneath sleeping bags)
camping checklistTent
camping checklistTent stakes
camping checklistSmall pillow
camping checklistAlarm clock
camping checklistSmall axe
camping checklistPocket knife
camping checklistFlashlight
camping checklistExtra batteries
camping checklistCamera
camping checklistCell phone (for emergencies)
camping checklistWater container
camping checklistLantern
camping checklistMatches or disposable lighter
camping checklistPortable stove and fuel

Food & Cooking Tools

camping checklistCooking and eating utensils
camping checklistDishes
camping checklistDrinking cups
camping checklistFood, drink (see camping recipes)
camping checklistCooler
camping checklistPaper towels
camping checklistAluminum foil
camping checklistPlastic garbage bags
camping checklistPot holder
camping checklistPot scrubber and dish towel
camping checklistResealable plastic storage bags
camping checklistReusable water bottles
camping checklistWater purification tablets

Health, Safety & Personal Items

camping checklistAntibacterial wipes
camping checklistSoap
camping checklistComb and brush
camping checklistEye drops (if camping in dry climates)
camping checklistContact lens solution (if necessary)
camping checklistDeodorant
camping checklistCamping first aid kit
camping checklistInsect repellent
camping checklistSunscreen
camping checklistLip balm
camping checklistShampoo and conditioner
camping checklistShaving cream or gel
camping checklistRazors
camping checklistSmall mirror
camping checklistToilet paper
camping checklistToothbrush
camping checklistToothpaste


camping checklistSnacks (snack bars, GORP, trail mix)
camping checklistCompass, maps and directions
camping checklistBattery-powered reading light
camping checklistMoney (cash or ATM cards)
camping checklistI.D. and/or driver's license
camping checklistCopy of campsite reservation