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St. Lucia - Sparkling Jewel of the Caribbean

St. Lucia BeachAre you looking for a bit of caribbean sun on a warm beach to escape the cold, to spend your honeymoon or just to take a break from the everyday?

Have you heard the winds whispering tales of clear blue waters, sandy beaches and sunshine? Pay attention to them to discover a vacation destination designed by nature to make your dreams come true.

Islands in the Caribbean Sea

There is a crescent-shaped string of jewel-like islands that rise out of the Caribbean Sea between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago. These bits of land rooted in the warm waters of the Caribbean are blessed with irreproachable beauty, consistently sun-kissed days, soft white sand beaches. These islands have an eden-like quality equally suited to both romantic getaways and adventure trips.

The Perfect Beach

Taking a preeminent position among this distinguished group is St. Lucia, known as the "Helen of the West Indies"; it is indeed the face that could launch 1,000 ships or, more accurately, attract them.

If an artist was commissioned to paint the perfect beach, the beaches of St. Lucia would surely populate the canvas: Dazzling ivory-white sand shaded by great, towering palm trees and surrounded by a seemingly endless palette of every shade of blue and green.

It is on such a beach that you'll find every variety of accommodation ranging from seaside inns to all-inclusive resorts offering a full roster of daily activities for kids and families as well as evening entertainment.

st. lucia rainbow
From beautiful beaches to stunning landscapes, St. Lucia has it all.

Warm Trade Winds

Pack light for this trip to paradise. No matter what season you choose for your vacation, this island promises wonderful weather. St. Lucia lies facing the calm, soothing equatorial Trade Winds and, as a result, enjoys consistently warm, fair temperatures with little or no humidity.

Sulfur Springs and a Drive-In Volcano

St. Lucia's landscape is at once dramatically spectacular and humbly subdued. Its most notable landmark is the twin Pitons that soar from sea level to more than 2,600 feet before dissolving into lush green valleys, thick rainforest and large banana plantations.

These peaks are physical evidence of the underwater volcanic activity that produced these magnificent islands and continue to breathe great pockets of warm water, ideal for snorkeling and diving or just soaking in natural hot springs. Another must-see is the world's only "drive-in" volcano, found in Soufriere.

The Best Things Come In Small Packages

For its modest size, just 43km x 22km, St. Lucia is bedecked with every possible temptation to attract the discriminating holidaymaker. From its welcoming atmosphere and friendly residents to its extreme natural beauty, there is little wonder that St. Lucia is a favourite of the luxury cruising sect. Offering up far more appeal and pleasure than can be enjoyed in a brief cruise stop, St. Lucia is now a featured resort destination of Transat Holidays.

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