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turkey soupFor a Thanksgiving dinner appetizer, holiday leftovers or any day, turkey soup is a wonderful way to start a meal.

Classic ingredients for traditional turkey soup usually include carrots, onions and celery. But how adding lots of other veggies and serving it in a big bowl with some fresh crusty bread? That's a hearty meal all by itself.

Some lucky people have their grandma's turkey soup recipe to use as a basic starter - just put the neck and giblets in a pot of water, season and boil. Or wait until the turkey's been eaten and add the bones to the soup pot!

The key to the best soups is the seasoning. The secret grandma shared was that the vegetables and spices...what you choose to add to the your turkey soup the special taste that makes it uniquely yours.

Use the recipes you'll find just up ahead, but don't be afraid to experiment when you season. (Tasters be warned: testing hot turkey soup is a good way to burn your mouth. Make sure to let that spoonful cool before you sip.)

Eventually you'll find a combination that becomes the star of Thanksgiving and you can be the one passing on the secrets!

Speaking of secrets - if you want a low fat soup, just chill the soup and remove the fat that rises to the top and turns solid when the soup gets cold. Reheat the skimmed soup and serve...delicious low fat turkey soup!

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