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60's partyPut on your sandals, bell bottom jeans and tie-dye tank tops for a Swingin' 60's party, man!

Sure, the 60's was a rollicking era. There was the youthful optimism, and the ageless music that defined the decade - all great reasons for making the 60's your next memorable party theme.

Just up ahead, check out tips on invitations, decorations, party food and activities for hosting your own groovy 60's celebration:

60's party invitation ideas and wording

Online party stores have a great selection of 60's invitations. To cut costs, you can also make your own crafty invites using a home computer and printer. Add psychedelic colors, or an image of your favorite 60's band, along with clever wording such "Join us for a night of feelin' groovy!" Or, "Enjoy memories that last ... with a 1960's blast from the past."

Don't forget to include the date, time and location, and ask guests to dress in their best 60's outfits -- bell bottoms, love beads, and tie-dye shirts!

I love the 60s!

60's party themes & decorations

Psychedelic colors, peace symbols, "flower power" messages or Austin Powers posters would fit the bill nicely for decorations. Or stick with the music ... and build your decorating theme around a favorite 60's band with posters and album covers to hang on the walls.

For the party music mix - may we suggest the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, or any one of dozens of 60's music groups that made their mark on the decade. Or, go back even further to the early 60's -- to make it a "Blue Hawaii" Elvis theme complete with a Hawaiian luau party theme.

The stars of Motown or Beach Boys music also make for a cool summer pool party, or have the British Invasion be your backdrop for a fun night filled with very bad (and hilarious) Mick Jagger imitations.

To fit any theme, a 60's era lava lamp fits right in to a party table centerpiece, along with "flower power" vases of pink and yellow daisies.

For an early 60's theme, go full Elvis with a "Blue Hawaii" luau party complete with hula-hoop contest.

60's party food

For party food any mom would love, health food was a craze that began with the 60's hippie movement.

That said, you can set up a health food station where guests can serve themselves from bowls of yogurt, platters of fresh fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds and whole grains. Spice it up with corn chips and fresh salsa or guacamole.

Or consider taking a page from Good Housekeeping Magazine that made cheese fondue, tuna casserole, and Swedish meatballs 'hip' to serve at 60's parties. Top it off with a dessert that also saw its rise in the 60's -- the bundt pan cake made with devil's food cake and gooey vanilla icing.

60's party twister game
Twister: 60's beach party ultimate challenge.

60's party fun & games

How well do your guests remember the 60's?

Gather around for a fun game of 60's trivia or Pictionary, or arrange a playlist of 60's hits for 'Name That 60's Tune!'.

For more active fun, clear the living room furniture for a rollicking game of Twister made so popular in the 60's, or let guests dance the night away to 60's rock and Motown hits.

You can also set up a crafts station so that guests can make their own tie-dye T-shirts, love beads and bracelets to take home with them. Face painting also really caught on in the 60's, so consider hiring a pro or let guests try their hand at it.

Another popular craze during the 60's was spin art, and today there are kits you can still purchase so that you can let guests show off their own dazzling creations. Just remember to have plenty of paper towels and spray bottles on hand for easy clean-up.

Have fun!


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