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graduation diploma

Of course, you probably already your favorite graduate's future plans or their personal style, ambitions, hobbies and passions.

But you're still not sure what would make the perfect graduation gift, check out the following tips and ideas for gifts that any graduate would appreciate:

  • Tech Gifts: Any high school graduate on their way to college would love to receive electronic gifts such as a laptop, a portable TV, a digital camera, or even a handheld recorder for long lectures. If you're on a limited budget, spring for a new laptop backpack, a portable USB drive, or one of those "itty bitty" book lights for late-night cramming.

  • Laundry Gift Basket: The classic gift for college kids moving into a new dorm room, a new laundry basket can be stuffed with all the essentials such as laundry detergent, fabric softener, a laundry bag, and a roll of quarters. Wrap it up in colored cellophane and tie it with a big bow to present a really useful and thoughtful gift.

  • Food Gift Basket - The ultimate dorm room survival kit, fill it with cereal snack packs, powdered milk, boxes of mac and cheese, cookbooks, energy bars, juices, Gatorade or caffeinated drinks. College students far from home and on a limited budget will also really appreciate gift certificates from McDonald's or favorite pizza or fried chicken chain.

  • City Guides: Is the new graduate moving to Boston, New York, LA or other big city to attend college? Give them a heads-up on what to expect with a travel guide to the most popular budget clothing shops, restaurants, or student hangouts.

  • College Gear: Get the new freshman in full gear before they arrive by visiting their college website online store to order items emblazoned with the school logo such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, or keychains.

  • Kitchen dorm gear - Here's another great idea for a gift basket -- filled with everything they might need to set up their home-away-from-home. A dorm kitchen checklist usually Includes practical equipment such as mugs and glasses, a can opener, coffee maker, utensils and paper towels. For larger gifts (and if cooking is allowed in the dorms), think about a small microwave, a toaster oven or even a compact refrigerator.

  • Money or Gift Cards: It's always the last resort. However, gift cards from a popular clothing store chain or cash stuffed inside a new wallet will never go unappreciated!

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