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Secretary's day memoAlthough no one usually shouts it from the rooftops, the old adage that "behind every great manager is a great secretary" still holds true.

So, on Secretary's Day, any good boss will likely want honor their secretaries or admins with a special "thank you" to show how much they are appreciated.

After all, isn't your assistant the one who tries to keep trouble from your door, and always gets you to Monday morning meetings on time?

A fresh bouquet of flowers or a spray of "Happy Secretary's Day" balloons are a great place to start if you're thinking about what to give as a gift, but more appreciated may be something that shows you're really thinking about that special person who always tries to make YOU look good.

Depending on your relationship, you may already know their special interests outside the office (if not, ask!) and give a gift that takes into account their hobbies or recreational pursuits.

A lunch date at their favorite restaurant, arranging for tickets to their favorite sports or entertainment event, a gift certificate to a day spa, or even a gift basket filled with their favorite DVD's, candies, coffee or tea will be considered a thoughtful and appreciative gift from their boss.

Has your secretary or administrative assistant recently moved into a new house or apartment? A housewarming present will be long remembered, along with your best wishes for success in their new home.

Gifts of money, of course, are always appreciated but if you think it might too impersonal, a gift card from their favorite department store will allow them to buy something nice for themselves. (Gift cards are also great way to treat everyone equally in an office with a large pool of assistants.)

If you've forgotten Secretary's Day completely, there's still hope for redemption. Just be sure to make up for it with a belated gift and heartfelt apologies, or quickly go online to e-mail them an e-gift certificate to their favorite online shop or bookstore!

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