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It's just like a regular party only with the element... of surprise!

Just make sure your guest of honor has a good sense of humor. If you don't think they will appreciate being caught off guard on their big day, consider a traditional party celebration instead.

But if you're certain that they will enjoy an extra-special surprise occasion ... go for it!

Surprise party tips & how to's

To begin, select a date for the party.

Next, enlist someone to plan a "fake" activity on that day with the guest of honor. This not only throws them off the scent, but you'll be sure that the guest of honor will be available that day to have their surprise sprung!

When sending out invitations, give clear instructions that it's a SURPRISE.

And, most importantly, synchronize the party start time so that everyone is there and ready to party -- or at least 30 minutes before the guest of honor's scheduled arrival.

For surprise party invitation wording, make it fun or personalize it:

There's a birthday Party and you're invited to show
But don't tell Jane because she doesn't know
So if you can make it here's a word to the wise
Make sure you come early because it's a surprise!

Turning up the notch on party fun with the element of ...surprise.

Besides date, time, and RSVP details, also designate a dress code. If your guest of honor will be in jeans and sneakers that day, avoid any embarrassment by making sure guests don't arrive in fancy party clothes. If you're going for dressy, have someone invite the guest of honor to a fancy restaurant - where the rest of their friends and family will await. Unexpectedly, of course!

For the party menu, forget any ideas about what your guests might like at the party - and center it solidly around the favorite food, drinks, and activities the guest of honor will really enjoy!

Special occasion surprise parties

If it's a milestone birthday or retirement party, consider scheduling a party toast along with a "This Is Your Life" presentation featuring a scrapbook of memorable photos. For a milestone anniversary party, a "Throught the Years" photo album of the couple is also a nice touch.

If it's a suprise baby shower, it's best to reserve a restaurant party room or community hall so there's enough space for oversized gifts, such as cribs and strollers. (In warmer weather, the backyard will do nicely).

Finally, don't forget to have the cameras and smart phones at the ready -- for the big moment when the honoree arrives and everyone shouts.... SURPRISE!

On the Web, check out more party ideas for surprise birthdays, or baby showers with tips & advice on planning a great celebration for a friend or loved one with the extra added element of surprise...

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