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american revolution fife & drum marchAmericans are up in arms!

The British parliament continues to tax them and harass them until the breaking point.

To quiet the rebellion, British forces are mustered to enforce harsh laws imposed on the colonies, ignoring the fact that most Americans are seething.

British soldiers have already taken the lives of four innocent workers at the Boston Massacre when colonists retaliate in the only way they know how - by dumping tea into Boston Harbor.

And the cry goes up throughout the land .... "LIBERTY!"

Early leaders like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and John Adams organize the colonies. Meeting in Philadelphia, they sign the Declaration of Independence in what amounts to an saber-rattling open declaration of war against Great Britain.

Now asten your seatbelts as the empire prepares to strike back ...

Around the Web, delve into the real back-story behind the American Revolution in words and pictures -- including a rich store of related documents, personal profiles, and event timelines -- focusing on one of the most important political upheavals in world history.

More about the American Revolution around the Web:

Paul Revere House - Midnight Ride - Go on the virtual midnight ride that warned of the impending British invasion, then gallop around the rest of the site to soak in biographical details, what inspired Longfellow's famous poem, and related historical tidbits.

Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution - Feel your heart pound as a chess game is played out between American and British forces in a timeline of historic battles, a great overview of the events that led up to the war, including online games and related resources.

Women Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War - ... 'they too were there' part of the Amazing Women of War and Peace series featuring the life of combatant Deborah Samson, and background information on Molly Pitcher and 'Mad' Anne Bailey.

Today in History - July 4 - Virtually rummage through the Library of Congress for exhibits and displays related to the day including historic documents, photos, patriotic songs, sheet music & audio files.

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