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2023 Back to School Sales!

back to school salesSummer's almost over and that can mean only one thing for families with school-age kids.

It's time for back to school sales!

Usually, you'll begin to see circulars hit the local papers in early August, but lately that's changed as back to school sales now happen frequently right after the July 4 holiday.

As with any big sales season, timing is everything. Along with watching store shelves and printed announcements (in store or online) also be aware of special back to school sales tax weekends when you can save even more.

2023 back to school sales tax holidays:

Just up ahead, see if your state government participates in annual Back to School Tax Holiday Weekends in late July or August. And, in Maryland, it's an entire week! This program gives parents a tax break on certain items, usually with a price tag of $100 or less.

Before you shop, check with local discount and department stores to see what's covered under the sales tax holiday. Usually, its exactly what you're looking for: back-to-school clothes, shoes, backpacks, school supplies and school art supplies. Calculators, computers and software may also be exempt in some areas.

2023 back to school sales tax holidays dates by U.S. state

State Items Included & Maximum Amount 2023 Dates
Alabama clothing - $100
computers - $750 
school supplies - $50 
books - $30
July 14-16
Arkansas clothing - $100
school supplies
August 5-6
Connecticut clothing and footwear - $100 August 20-26
Iowa clothing - $100 August 4-5
Maryland clothing & footwear-$100 August 13-19
Mississippi clothing & footwear - $100 July 28-29
Missouri clothing - $100
computers - $1,500
school supplies - $50
August 4-6
New Mexico clothing - $100
computers - $1,000
computer equip. - $500
school supplies - $30
August 4-6
Ohio clothing - $75
school supplies - $20
August 4-6
Oklahoma clothing - $100 August 4-6
South Carolina clothing
school supplies
August 4-6
Tennessee clothing - $100 
school supplies - $100
computers - $1,500
July 28-30
Texas clothing, backpacks & school supplies- $100 August 4-6
West Virginia clothing - $125
school supplies - $20
sports equipment - $150
computer-tablet - $500
August 4-7

Shopping online? Amazon and other e-commerce stores also happily subtract tax charges during state tax holidays depending upon when you shop, what you buy, and where you designate delivery.

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Back to school supplies, clothing, and more

Of course, back to school supplies are the major items to purchase during any back to school blowout.

If your kids' school participates in sending parents a list of necessary school supplies, you already have a head start.

So head to the nearest dollar store, Target, Staples, or Office Depot -- and don't forget that list!

Also remember to check out sales coupons and discount codes that may sometimes double your savings.

First, a word about quality. Not every sale is a bargain, especially when it comes to back to school supplies. Poorly made backpacks will tear, cheap pens will leak, and discount crayons usually fall apart more quickly. Spend a little more on these items, and then save big on other items such as cheap printer paper, folders, erasers, rulers or compasses.

As every parent knows, back to school clothes take a different sort of strategy, meaning the kids have to tag along to get the right fit and fashion sense. Discuss with kids beforehand what's on the shopping list as well as budget limitations. If possible, avoid more expensive fall fashion and opt for end of season sales on summer clothing. Same goes for laptops and computers which will be far cheaper come November during Black Friday sales.

Getting through it all with your sanity intact? Try including a fast food break -- or a trip to a local ice cream shop -- for a much-needed break for all of you.

Starting early on your back to school bargain hunt is key. But if you've waited to the last minute, no worries. Stay watchful for money saving 2023 Labor Day sales at stores such as H&M, Old Navy, Kohl's, and other large retailers to keep the bargains coming well into September.

Happy shopping!

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