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Flat screen TVShopping online for electronics?

As consumer experts agree, buying electronics online can be better, especially with the high level of customer service that consumers have come to expect from online retailers.

Demand more and you'll get more -- not to mention free shipping offers that can often seal the deal when purchasing from a cyber retailer.

What about those extended warranties? At the mall, meanwhile, beware the pressure from sales people who push extended warranties on things like laptop computers and DVD players. In the long run, these money drainers are hardly ever worth the added cost (notice: extended warranties already come with the product you've purchased.)

If you're still concerned about your new gizmo or appliance breaking down, simply search online for consumer reviews on electronics to get advice on the brand's quality and durability before you buy. That goes double if you're in the market for a flatscreen TV. For the best purchase of a plasma or LED flatscreen TV, foregoe the purchase online for a visit the store to check out picture and sound quality -- and ask lots of questions -- before you buy.

In the market for a digital camera? For top brand digital cameras you can find the best prices online to help make those buying decisions a bit easier.

Additional savings can be had by avoiding the hype on 'bigger is better" especially when it comes to megapixel strength. Today, unless you're into printing giant billboards, most digital cameras feature at minimum 6X which is fine for most prints and online photo galleries.

What's the best time of year to buy electronics? Hands down, it's the end of year Black Friday sales where you're likely to find the best bargains on everything from iPods and cell phones to top-of-the-line 3-D flatscreens — just in time for holiday gift-giving. If you can wait it out, also keep a close eye on after Christmas sales for prices to hit rock bottom.

Top sites with the best online bargains? Try Best Buy, Crutchfield, or browse Costco to see what's on sale at their online warehouse for great savings on electronic brands not as heavily advertised but that often guarantee great quality.

You can always trust Internet shopping for no long lines at the checkout - and no fighting for a parking space! So sit down, put your feet up, and relax while you get all of your bargain hunting and shopping done online ....

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