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The principles of judo as a martial art had practiced by traditional Japanese warriors for years when it was first popularized by its traditionally recognized founder, Kano Jigoro, in the late 19th century.

Taking a cue from already established moves in jujitsu ("the gentle way") Kano added now-familiar throwing moves, and focused on development of the body, mind, and character of young men in addition to the development of physical mastery.

Indeed, thoughtful consideration of physics would always give judo practitioners advantage over their attackers, explained Kano: "Force your opponent to make his body rigid and lose his balance, and then when he is helpless, you attack."

With a noted exception in the US where karate has gained more popular appeal, judo remains the most practiced martial art worldwide. entered the world competition in 1964 at the Tokyo Summer games, and after not being included in 1968 has remained an Olympic event ever since.

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