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Get ready for a warm welcome when you visit this land of contradictions and surprises -- and stunning natural beauty.

Come discover coastal waters warmed by the Gulf Stream, with the same island charm that brightens a vacation in the Bahamas. You'll also be astounded at the greens of the land in the spring and summer. With brightly colored homes, multicolored Icelandic horses, showers of steam and geysers rising from thermal pools -- and the amazing Icelandic summer sunlight -- you won't think of Iceland as a frigid countryside.

Despite the name, Iceland is not all that cold and forbidding, especially in July and August when temperature averages climb to a balmy 11C or 50F with almost continuous daylight 24/7.

Iceland is just a few hours away from the east coast of North America and even closer to Western Europe. The short travel time makes it an ideal destination for a long weekend getaway. From the warm thermal pools of its southern capital, Reykjavik, to its pristine waters and pollution-free atmosphere - Iceland is the "cool" inexpensive place to be travel for those seeking a quick and very interesting holiday.

Heading north, tours are offered to the island of Grímsey on the Arctic Circle, where visitors can experience the magic of the midnight sun. To experience the thrill of the Northern Lights, late autumn or early spring is the best time to plan a trip to one of nature's most awesome spectacles. Once the seasons begin to move away from sunless days, the Northern Lights can be difficult to find.

The night life in Rekjavik is legendary, the shopping is excellent, restaurants throughout the country offer food so fresh it's almost worth the trip just to sample the lamb, fish and lobster.


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