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maracasHappy Cinco de Mayo 2016!

In Mexico or wherever the culture is celebrated — families, friends and neighbors gather on the 5th of May to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Since Cinco de Mayo falls on a Thursday in 2016, watch for this year's festivities to begin an early weekend of Mexican food, drink, and music.

Fiesta! - Mexican Theme Party Tips

Invitation ideas - Invite everyone to the party with a cover page greeting with catchy headlines like: "No time for a Siesta, it's time to Fiesta!",, or "It's Party Time, Amigos!" Inside, be sure to put the date, location, time, phone, RSVP date, dress code or costume suggestions.

Cinco de Mayo party decoration ideas - To kick off your own Mexican theme party, begin by decorating with plenty of traditional tissue paper flowers. Add the colors of the flag of Mexico - green white and red - put on some Mexican music, salsa, mariachi or folk music, and have a fiesta!

Quick & easy recipe
fiesta cake
How to make Margaritas

Food & drink - Corn chips with salsa & queso, tacos, chili, fajitas, mojitos, Margaritas, Daiquiris, cerveza, (Mexican beer) Mexican wines, Tia Maria, and, of course, lots of tequila.

Party Favor Ideas - Send guests home happy with goody bags filled with mini cactus plants, toy maracas, small clay pots with candy "Red Hots", bouquets of red, green & white carnations or other plants that combine the colors of the Mexican flag.


How to make a homemade piñata

homemade pinataOf course, what would a Mexican theme party be without .... a pinata!

You’ll need:
• Large, sturdy paper shopping bag
• Paint, construction paper, or markers for decorating
• Wrapped candy
• Newspaper
• Adhesive tape or stapler
• A big stick

1. Decorate the shopping bag as you please using paint, color markers or construction paper. Crinkle the newspaper and lightly fill the shopping bag.

2. Next, add the wrapped candy or other treats and seal the shopping bag closed with tape or staples. Hang your piñata high enough that it is just out of reach.

3. Line up your guests and blindfold them one at a time, giving them the stick to aim at the piñata. As each participant takes a whack, warn other players to STAND CLEAR OF THE STICK!!

Have fun!

More Cinco de Mayo party games & activities

Pass the Sombrero

sombrero party gameA bit like ‘musical chairs’ but instead party guests have to try on a sombrero. Play Mexican mariachi music as the game begins and when the music stops the guest wearing the sombrero is out of the game. For extra laughs, give eliminated players the option to perform a Mexican hat dance to get back into the game!

Nachos-Eating Competition

nacho eating competitionHave several bowls of nachos and party dip ready for guests to pair up into teams. One team-member must stand behind the other, acting as their ‘arms’, and must feed the nachos to their partner. The first team to empty their bowl is the winner. Provide bibs and floor covering and be prepared for a big MESS …and lots of photos afterwards!!


also see in the Party Ideas Blog -> Fiesta Party Games for Adults & Kids

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