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Children's Birthday Party Game Ideas

What's the party without the games and activities? Just up ahead, get expert tips and ideas on entertaining your little birthday party guests with kids' party games that are easy, inexpensive ...and lots of fun.


Birthday balloonsPop the Balloon!
Before the party, blow up enough large-sized balloons so that there will be one per child. Do not blow up the balloons completely, leave them a little “soft.”

When it is time to play the game, explain to the children that they are going to have a race to see who can pop their balloon first by just sitting on it. Make sure they understand that they can't bounce up and down on the balloon, or stand up all the way and sit down again, they just have to sit on it, and sit hard. You might even have the Birthday Boy or Girl demonstrate the rules.

Then have the children sit on the floor and give each of them a balloon. When you say “Go!” have the children see who can pop their balloon first. The first one to pop the balloon wins a party prize.

Balloon Hunt
Before the party, blow up a number of balloons half way so that they are small and not likely to pop easily. You might want to blow up three times the number of children expected to attend (that is, if you invite 10 children, then blow up 30 balloons). Then hide the balloons (like you would Easter eggs).

When it is time to play games, have the children hunt for the balloons (give them grocery bags to collect the balloons). The one who finds the most wins a party prize!

You can also play the game by hiding small toys or party favors, or candy. If you hide candy, be sure to make notes for yourself about all the hiding places and check after the party to make sure all the candy has been “found.”

blowing bubbles for a kids party gameBubble Catch
Blow bubbles and have the children try to catch them without bursting the bubbles. The first child to catch a bubble and return it to you without busting their bubble wins. You might want to have plenty of party favors so that each child can “win” at this game!

Balloon Relay Race
Have the children break up into two equal groups. If you have an unequal number of children, have the Birthday Boy or Girl sit the game out. (For a young child, you might want to explain this to him/her before the party so that there won't be any tears during the party!)

Set a starting line and turn-around point for the race. Give each group a balloon. Children are to carry the balloon between their knees down to the turn-around point and back to the starting line where the child passes the balloon to the next team member. The first team to finish wins. Game works best if balloons are not fully blown up. Have extra balloons on hand in case someone breaks the balloon.

For very young children, you might change the game so that they are simply carrying the balloon, since short little legs might not be able to toddle along with a squishy balloon between their knees!

Since most of these party games call for balloons, you might want to purchase a one-time use balloon-inflating tank. Have fun!

About the Author...
Kimberly Hargis

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