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Parting Is Such ... A Party!
Easing the Transition with a Theme Celebration


Don't think of a farewell party as saying good bye. Plan your party with a bon voyage theme to help you remember that a new adventure is starting. Someone you are close to is going to be enjoying the open roads or the open and adventure are ahead and it is exciting!

Richard Bach, who wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull, offers this thought on being apart:

"Don't be dismayed at good-bye's. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends."

To celebrate the moment, a party for friends and family can be fun and memorable. Whether the farewell is for a 10-day cruise, or a best friend moving halfway around the world, the party should highlight the past, present and future. Include the fun you've had together, the sights the traveler will get to see, and the happy reunions you'll share when you see each other the next time.

Bon Voyage & farewell party theme ideas

Here are some ideas for themes for your next farewell or bon voyage party:

Cruisin' - Friends about to embark on a cruise will be delighted with a nautical theme. Colors should be sea blue and green with some bright yellow sunshine as highlight. Shrimp cocktail and tuna on crackers with golden yellow cheddar cheese can provide the buffet. If you plan a sit down, make it a fish feast - (or try this indoor New England Clam Bake!)

Moving - Celebrate the new life ahead with lots of pictures and a party theme based on where the guests of honor are relocating to. If the destination is California, for example, serve California wines and salads and decorate with surfing and beach decorations.

Vacationing - Italy, for example. could be some great pasta dishes, regional wines and white and red checkered table cloths. Each nation and area has local dishes, scenery and customs that are fun to explore. Don't forget to hang colorful travel posters around the party area for easy decorating.

Desserting Us - This one is easy. Simply serve plenty of yummy desserts to your guests -- and guests of honor -- to announce that parting is such sweet sorrow! This theme also fits beautifully on a list of fun retirement party ideas.

Otherwise, just use your imagination to highlight all the fun of travel and new adventures. Your farewell party will create memories to be cherished long after the last heartfelt goodbyes have been exchanged.

Have fun!


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