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Buying A Digital Camera for Your Kids
Give a kid a digital camera .... and watch what happens!

Kids digital cameraPurchasing any gift item for your child can be a mind-numbing task. You can never be sure whether they will like what you buy for them or not. So, when you want to buy a digital camera for your little kids, then there are lots of things you want to keep in mind which will help you get the right camera for YOUR child.

One of the most important things for children is that the digital camera be one of the latest available in the market. If it has been heavily advertised and people are talking about it, that's even better. This gives children a sense of pride and also allows them to 'show-off' their possession to their friends.

Kids digital cameras - keep them flashy

Another factor critical for children is that the camera simply look good. It does not matter whether it has a big screen or small screen, whether it is 2 mega pixel or 1.5 mega pixel – the camera should have a smart shape, come in flashy colors or it can also look cute or funky. But, the camera should not look "boring" or very "serious" in nature. However good the functions might be, if the camera doesn't have enough eye appeal you child will lose interest quickly.

Little camera for little hands

The size is also important. Most children will definitely prefer a digital camera that is small and compact so that they are able to easily put the camera in their pocket or hang it by a string. Large and bulky models, even if they have better features, are not advisable for children.

Eye appeal is another major factor to look for when choosing a digital camera for kids.

It is also necessary to remember that even though you might gift your child a digital camera to click photographs for school projects, they will be using it to take pictures of their friends - or themselves! So, look for some 'fun' features in the digital camera. These can include colorful background images or sound effects, photographic effects that they can use to enhance their images.

Get the picture. Easily.

One more thing: ease of use. It is important that kid-friendly cameras have a simple system through which children can easily take pictures quickly. However, you really do not need to worry about this aspect a lot because today's children have been born in the digital era. They are able to pick up things much faster than you or me, so as long as the camera is good in all other aspects, even if its 'click ability' is a little confusing, it does not really matter too much. They are fast learners these days!

Pricing a kid-friendly digital camera

Last but not the least is the price. While buying a digital camera for your child, remember that there are lots of choices available on the market today. The price range starts from as low as $15 and can go up to $300. So, it really depends on how much you would like to spend. Best advice? Depending on the age of your child, start simple and upgrade later.

About the Author...
Kevin Rockwell worked as a network TV cameraman for 20 years shooting news and sports. Now a devoted fan of digital photography and video he works to gather information, tips and news for digital camera users.


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