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And the Winner of the Best Party Idea... SNACKS!

Sports Party SnacksThrowing a party for sports fans, or any sports themed get together, means scouting out the winners — the best tasting snack foods to serve to your guests.

Snacks are a serious part of entertaining. The people that prepare and package them are take a lot of pride in serving up the best brand.

The American Culinary ChefsBest (ACC), the independent judging organization that recognizes and honors America's best products, got together to taste test samples from the most popular snack food categories.

They left out popcorn, but the categories of snacks they judged did include classic potato chips, refrigerated guacamole, tortilla chips, pretzels, potato crisps and kettle chips to name a few. Check the list to see if your favorite was voted best tasting snack...

What are the most popular snack foods to set out for your theme party guests to munch on?

Believe it or not, somebody actually knows the answer to that question! According to the past figures from the Snack Food Association, sports parties are the ultimate snacking feasts.

Super Bowl fans consume 11 million pounds of potato chips, 13.2 million pounds of avocados (for their favorite quacamole recipe), 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips, 4.3 million pounds of pretzels, 3.8 million pounds of popcorn and 2.5 million pounds of snack nuts and the March Madness crowd can be counted on to match that -- bite for bite!

Snack foods are the back bone of any party. Having enough chips, dips and popcorn will keep your party humming no matter what the theme. Make sure to have plenty of variety and include salty and non-salted treats.

If you want to try a few wild flavors, be sure to serve the "familiar" style too. Some people only like their popcorn popped with butter and won't even try tasting if you add flavors. The same with regular, old time potato chips.

SOURCE: American Culinary ChefsBest
Photo: Courtesy of ARA Content

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