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The Basics of Golf

Did you know that... there are 5 "basics" in every good golf stroke? Understand these and YOU will be well on your way to game improvement.

One of the problems with golf is that players routinely do not give enough thought to the actual process of striking the ball.

Striking the ball is the easiest thing to do. Striking it effectively is the hardest!

The solution is of course educating the player so that they have an undertanding of WHAT they need to do to produce consistent shots.

In this article I will cover the basics of the golf stroke to give you a better understanding of what MUST happen before, during, and after the stroke.

Three parts of a golf club

Clubface - controls direction of the golf ball
Clubhead - controls the downward dimension of a good golf stroke
Clubshaft- controls the plane of the golf stroke

Three major concepts of the golf stroke

Hinge Action - Clubface - Left Wrist
Centrifugal Force - Clubhead - a rotating body
Inclined Plane - Clubshaft - right forearm

keeping the left wrist flat throughout the strokeThree essentials for a good golf stroke

Steady Head - No lateral motion or up and down movement
Balance - self explanatory
Rhythm - the left arm and clubshaft moving at the same RPMs

Three imperatives of a good golf stroke

Imperative? What does that mean? It means it is an absolute and if the player does nothing else they MUST obey these three Imperatives.

Flat Left Wrist at Impact - not bent
On Plane Club Shaft - not off
Club Head Lag - not throwaway

The principle of the golf game

The Line of Compression is the most basic principle of golf that separates good players from poor ones.

The Line of Compressions is: Hitting the ball from the inside of the Target Line to outside the target line with a Flat Left Wrist

Three dimensions of the golf stroke - (on a slant)

Because we play golf on an Inclined Plane the stroke is three dimensional. If we played on either a Vertical or Horizontal plane it would be only two dimensional.


I've covered the basics of all golf strokes in this article and now here's what YOU can expect.

Learn these "basics", apply them to YOUR game and YOU will see immediate results! In 35 years of teaching golf I can tell you that once a player understands the basics, and then applies them to their game they are "magically" tranformed into a player to be reckoned with. I've had 30 handicappers that have improved 15 shots virtually overnight. I've had single digit handicappers lower their scores by 5-7 shots after learning and understanding the basics of golf.

It doesn't matter what level of player you are, YOU WILL IMPROVE!

Anyone can improve with knowledge and understanding and the proper training. Once you get these concepts and apply them to your game YOU will enjoy the game even more.


(c) Copyright Chuck Evans

About the Author...
Chuck Evans, G.S.E.D.
Chuck Evans is one of only 31 Teachers in the world to hold the designation of "Doctorate in Golf Stroke Engineering", he is one of the most highly sought after instructors in the world not only by players but other teachers as well and is known as the Teacher of Teachers! You can reach Chuck through his Golf Academy in Mesa Arizona by calling 480.862.6544, by email at or through the website
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