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Holiday Card Sending Tips
Hallmark Experts Offer Holiday Card Advice

The holiday season is upon us, and many Americans are dreaming of a "write" Christmas.

That's right, it's time to begin writing our annual holiday cards, a tradition most Americans say they wouldn't do without. "Holiday greetings provide a way for us to connect with friends and family, a goal that continues to grow in importance," says Wendy Shotts, Hallmark product manager. "Though today's lifestyles are busy, consumers tell us they look forward to this once-a-year chance to share news about their families and to hear from loved ones."

A study by Hallmark showed that 87 percent of consumers would eliminate something other than greeting cards from their holiday to-do lists. In addition, 73 percent of consumers said they send greetings during the holidays because they know how nice it is to receive greetings during the season.

Americans will send around 1.9 billion holiday cards this year. Of course, in today's hurried lifestyles, the annual holiday card mailing to friends and family needs to be as easy as possible. Here are some tips from the experts at Hallmark to help you make your card-sending merry and bright.

• Holiday cards are available in most stores following Halloween. Buy your cards early, and write a few cards each day during October and November.

• Make card-sending a family activity. Let older children help with addressing, signing and placing stamps on the cards. Younger children can decorate the backs of the envelopes with stickers.

• Normally mailing cards requires two trips to the post office – one to purchase the stamps and one to mail the cards. Save yourself one of those trips by buying your stamps while shopping for cards in a Hallmark Gold Crown® store. Or you can order stamps online from the U.S. Postal Service.

• If you're really starved for time, let help. You can order your cards online and even have Hallmark print your name and holiday message, address the cards, and mail them for you. If you'd rather hand-write a note, Hallmark will print your names and address the cards, then ship them to your home for your personal touch.

• Running out of time? Don't worry. Most people are happy to hear from you no matter when your greetings arrive. Or you can skip the Christmas cards in favor of New Year's cards.

Ms. or Mrs.? — Holiday Card Etiquette Tips

You've purchased your cards, and the family is gathered around the table with pens and stickers in hand. Now what? Here are some etiquette tips from the experts at Hallmark to help you address and sign your cards.

For family and friends:

• Personalize your cards with a little note, and always sign the card – even if your name is printed.

• Keep your signature informal – no courtesy titles, and to close friends and relatives, no last names either. Traditionally, family signatures begin with the father's name, then the mother's and finally the children, or simply "John, Mary and family."

• If a card is from more than one person, the person who signs it should write his or her name last as a gesture of courtesy.

• When sending a card to a couple with two different last names, address the card to “Mary Smith and John Jones.” If there are children, write “Mary Smith, John Jones and Family.”

• When addressing cards to family and social friends, include the children's names.

For business/work relationships:

• Mail cards for business associates to the office. If you are social friends, however, or have met the person's spouse or significant other, send cards to the home.

• Business greeting cards should be more tailored and formal than cards for family and social friends. Messages are brief and usually secular.

• When sending to a co-worker in your own office, send the card to the home and address it to “Mr. and Mrs.” if the recipient is married.

• When sending to a married woman who uses her maiden name at work, address the cards to “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.” If she prefers to use her maiden name for all occasions, work and social, address the card to “Mr. John Smith and Ms. Susan Jones.”

• Sign only your name to a card for a business associate, unless your spouse has met the recipient.

• If your family creates a holiday newsletter, do not send it to co-workers unless you have a very close personal relationship with them.

Special situations:

• When sending a card to someone of a different tradition or ethnic background, choose a card with a secular design and sentiment, such as “Happy Holidays” or “Season's Greetings,” or those with general good wishes or wishes for peace. As an alternative, send a Thanksgiving or New Year's card instead. Hallmark offers many options for these holidays as well.

• Take special care following a death in a family. Cards are available with messages of sympathy at Christmastime. If the card is to a widow, address her as “Mrs. John Jones.”

How to properly place a card in the envelope:

• Insert the folded side into the envelope with the design face up toward the flap.

Mailing notes:

• Save yourself holiday hassles by mailing early – any time after Thanksgiving and before New Year's Day is appropriate

• Mail cards first class so they will be forwarded or returned to you if the address cannot be located.

• Include your return address to comply with the U.S. Postal Service's request and to help your friends keep their mailing lists up to date.


Source... Hallmark Cards

Merry Christmas Card Courtesy Hallmark Cards
Cover: Hope you feel all the warmth and wonder of the holidays... in every smile you see, every moment you share...
Inside: ...every memory you keep. Merry Christmas.

Snoopy Merry Christmas Stickers Card Courtesy Hallmark Cards
Cover: Make it merry! It's baking and shaking and ornament making...
Inside: It's glowing, ho-ho-ing, and (kiss!) mistletoeing... It's Yule time, a cool time, a get-out-of-school time, a time for repeating this bright happy greeting – A warm Merry Christmas to you! (Sticker card)

New Year Holiday Card Courtesy Hallmark Cards
Cover: Warm Wishes for the New Year.
Inside: Wishing you a new year wrapped in happiness and warmed by the love of family and friends.

Santa Merry Christmas Card Courtesy Hallmark Cards
Inside: Wishing you all the timeless treasures of Christmas – the warmth of home, the joy of togetherness, and the love of family.

Happy Holidays Card Courtesy Hallmark Cards
Inside: May your holiday season be bright with happiness.

Snowman Happy Holiday Card Courtesy Hallmark Cards
Inside: Happy Holidays

Peace On Earth Christmas Card Courtesy Hallmark Cards
Inside: Peace on earth. Remembering you at this season of warmth and goodwill.


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