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Keeping the Bloom on Mother's Day Bouquet Flowers...

Mother's Day FlowersFew images are more associated with the arrival of spring than freshly blooming flowers. The reappearance of these bright blooms also coincides with one of the biggest flower giving holidays - Mother's Day.

This year, you can make your floral gift even more special by hand-selecting flowers for a very personal Mother's Day bouquet. Here are few simple tips from for selecting stems that will last long after the special occasion:

The Nose Knows - Yes, you may get some funny looks in the florist shop or supermarket, but bend over and sniff the water. It should smell fresh and clean. A strong odor may mean the stems have already begun to decay, shortening the life of the bloom.

Petal Picks - Choose flowers with upright, firm petals and buds just beginning to open. Yellow, spotted or drooping petals or leaves are a sign of age.

Stem Talk - The stem is the water supply system for your flower. Stems should be clean and unbroken. Tips should be clean and free of debris. Dark or mushy tips may signal an old flower.

Once you've chosen your flowers, help mom keep them alive longer. Treat her to these tips (don't be surprised if - being a mom - she already knows this, because moms do know nearly everything):

Keep Your Cool - Before placing cut flowers in a vase, store them in a cool place.

Keep it Clean - The container and your cutting tool (knife, serrated shears or floral clippers) should be clean, since cleanliness does affect the presentation and life expectancy of cut flowers. Wash the container and tools with a detergent or antibacterial cleaning solution. Be sure to rinse well.

Feed Your Flowers - Commercial flower food will prolong the life of your bouquet. Be sure to carefully follow the mixing instructions on the packet. Adding too much water can dilute the solution's effectiveness.

Keep it Trim - Recut stems with a sharp knife or floral clippers. Hold them under water and cut away 1 to 2 inches. Trim away any leaves that will fall below the water line. Bacteria growth caused by submerged leaves will reduce the amount of water the flower can absorb and shorten its enjoyment time.

Location, Location, Location - Keep fresh flowers out of direct sun and away from drafts and heat-generators like windows, air conditioners, vents or fans and appliances.

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