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NBA Playoffs
The Ultimate B-Ball Party

basketball party balloons
Draw magic marker "seams" on
orange balloons to create easy
basketball party decorations.

The pro basketball teams battle all year to get to the NBA finals. Even if your favorite team doesn't make it to the playoffs, you still have to cheer for one of the teams that earned a spot.

Every June the basketball world goes crazy for the NBA Playoff games and the fans love every minute of it. The party starts in the beginning of the season as new draft picks get tested on the hardwood and the top basketball teams in each conference battle their way down to the Playoff Finals!

If you know anyone who is a basketball fan this is the season for following the big name stars and the hot teams as they wind down to the playoffs...and not much else! If you are a party person and a basketball know where to find the action in June!

What's the only cure for Playoff Fever? A NBA Playoff Basketball theme party! It's time to get all of your B-Ball loving friends together, fill the room with snacks and finger foods. An indoor version of a tailgating party - or if you have the TV hook ups you can even take it outdoors!

Try to find someone with access to direct feed TV so you can catch the game during the party. Set up foul zones for fans of opposing teams to have cool down periods when the action heats up—with true basketball fans, fouls or penalties can be the focus of a major debate.

NBA PLAYOFF Invitations – These are easy to do with just a printer. Go to a site where you can download some basketball theme clip art.

Or, you can also score a copy of the updated brackets...just press down on your right side mouse button and click on "save target as" to save any picture to your own computer. Then, use this as the background for your invitation!

On the front of your homemade basketball party invite create a catchy headline like "This Party is a Slam Dunk!" or "It's Game Time!" and on the inside be sure to include the date, time, and RSVP details.

Ideally you should send invites 2 to 3 weeks in advance, but if you're planning a party for any of the games coming up soon, you can either hand them out or use an online invite service or social media site to send guests the details. If you'd like your guests to bring snacks, wine or beer, let them know what to bring in the invitation.

Decorating Ideas - There are plenty of places online to get basketball themed party supplies - or check your local party supply store. You can also get creative and make banners based on the NBA teams who'll be the real entertainment at your party.

Use an old sheets or poster paper from your local art supply store and with paint or markers create logo-based decorations for the teams that are playing. And, speaking of markers, you can also use them to create seams on orange balloons to create party basketballs (see illustration above.)

Plastic plates and cups in team colors fit the theme and make cleanup a breeze.

Activities – You know the main activity will be watching the players on the screen so don't worry too much about other party games or activities to keep your guests busy. You can have a trivia contest or try a "mini pool" with just the teams you'll be watching. Let each guest pick the winners, the losers and the scores when they arrive - whoever comes closest to the real final results wins a prize.

If you have a hoop set up in your driveway or nearby, you can use the half time for a quick basketball game or plan to get together before the Playoff game to shoot a few hoops.

Use orange icing and chocolate
piping to make easy homemade
basketball party cupcakes.

Basketball party food – The main ingredient of a successful NBA Playoff party is to have plenty of snacks, a good supply of drinks - both with and without alcohol - and plenty of seats positioned to watch the game.

Sports themed parties are relaxed and easy for the host as well as the guests. Don't plan on any extravagant foods that will keep you in the kitchen instead of watching the game. Make sure you have a few designated drivers on hand in case anyone celebrates a win (or regrets a loss!) with a bit too much to drink.

If you want designated smoking areas at your basketball party, tell people beforehand and make sure to have a small TV or radio in the smoker's area. Welcome your guests, get them settled so they know where everything is -- and enjoy!


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